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Kiareldeen, Your news now. Ran from Dallas into Miss Keats. Good afternoon. This is the K R A. The afternoon news. Kristen D. As has the day off. I'm David Rankin. Dallas Police shooting wound a murder suspect that they followed into mesquite this afternoon. He went to Baylor in downtown Dallas. Uniformed officers got behind that vehicle. In a small chase ensued. That Chase led up to the 500 block of Parkwood trail where that vehicle eventually crashed, and four officers for Dallas officers were involved. In a officer involved shooting. Condition not known. Deputy chief Ruben Ramirez says the victim turned up dead in her home earlier today suspected face domestic violence charges before Dallas police are launching her crackdown tonight on curfew violations in some neighborhoods that includes deep Ellum downtown and uptown. Police are also going to target speeders and street racing in those neighborhoods. Courtney Garrett's with downtown Dallas Incorporated, says they've seen an increase in these problems. The code regulations have certainly had an impact on our environment. And I think that change the nature of our evenings and a lot of this activity is happening in the very late nights and early mornings. So again, we want to get ahead of it. Several people shot in Deep Elem last weekend and teenager died from injuries in that shooting. Charter school teacher behind bars charged with assaulting a child. We have one less child furniture from ST That's Grand Prairie Police officer Mark Buscetta talking about the arrest of 37 year old Jameel was it of the colony was that had taught that the uplift Grand Preparatory Academy, which is not affiliated with the Grand Prairie, I SD Buscetta says the investigation began this past July, We learned of an outcry statement that was made to a parent from a child of a possible sexual assault that had occurred. The senator says he believes that was that was a kindergarten teacher, but the age of the victim is unknown. Other than that the victim was under the age of 14 was that is in the Grand Prairie Detention Center on $200,000 Bond. The Senate says detectives want to hear from anyone who may have had contact with was that is there may be additional victims. Andrew Greenstein, NewsRadio, 10 80 Karol de 5 33 CBS News Brief Labor Day Covert warning. Health officials are pleading with Americans to celebrate the holidays safely, insisting the Labor Day weekend will set the course for the fall and winter. Although Aqui model predicts more than 400,000 kroner virus debts by January, 1st president Trump contends the US numbers were still better because of what his administration has done if you took out New York from those numbers You.

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