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Fund, the Humane Society of United States in the Ad Council 6 53 early morning business news sponsored by Baird. We say good morning to financial editor Len Walter. Good morning. Everybody stuck index futures rising this morning and this is remaining hopeful about her deal in Washington over more fiscal stimulus, while Futures or more subdued ahead of the start of the quarterly corporate earnings season. The other two futures doing better You can see with the doll up 24, but the NASDAQ up 193 points. He hasn't be up 19 and have Oil prices dropped as force majeure and Libya's largest oil field was lifted. A Norwegian strike affecting production ended and US producers began restoring output after Hurricane Delta crude futures down 61 cents a barrel to 39 99. European shares had Shire all Japan's Nikkei fellas. Concerns about upcoming corporate earnings prompted some of those chairs to take profits. Gold slipped is the dollar recovered from ground. Gold futures are higher now by 3 82 $1930, reversing an earlier sell off. General Motors had continued mark of recovery from Govind 19 helped it's China vehicle sales for 12% Year on year in July through September. Marking the Detroit automakers. First Chinese quarterly sales growth in a couple of years with the business now or 23 53 live through the CMI level altered news radio 7 18 1 of 5.9 FM, the latest on the traffic situation on I 57 fatal crash, causing big backups, traffic and weather together on the AIDS just ahead along with all your top national stories. President Trump's Supreme Court nominee begins confirmation hearings today. It's 6 55. My mother was very familiar.

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