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The temptation to falsely inflate deductions or expenses on their returns in order to pay less than what they owe or get a bigger refund the irs has taxpayer should not overstate deductions including charitable contributions at business expenses or improperly claimed credits such as the earned income tax credit or child tax credit the irs as it has committed to stopping abuse of tax shelters and other tax voidance games and the people who create them taxpayers must avoid products that sound too good to be true or use offshore organizations to hide their money or income i'm anne cates you wlsam 890 hand alexa our best friends w now pass is my biassa with your wls scale on your alexa and you will have us at all much his beck and call and we are back i'm joined now on the phone by charles woodson professor of political science university chicago regular contributor roker politics and author of zip dialogue dot com which is a compendium of the day's news at events charles thanks for joining me thank you so let's talk about this stormy daniels situation she is back in the news this has been going on and on for the better part of a a couple of months now news that she apparently signed some confidentiality agreement nondisclosure agreements just a few days before the 2016 election and received in return one hundred thirty thousand dollars which was paid to her by michael cohen who is a new one of you know donald trump's closest confidante season executive vice president of the trump organization is a lawyer sort of serves is one of trump's you know righthand men is not currently member the administration but nevertheless and and there's been a lot of talk about this charles is now saying you know she's gonna break this confidentiality agreement she says it's it's nolan voice trump never signed it there was also some discussion that that michael cohen said he'd won an arbitration agreement stormy daniels is hire lawyers oliver tv now saying that's that's completely wrong apparently they tape some interview sixty minutes did with our that is going to air soon reducing articles about are all over the place what are we to make of.

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