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And to me. This is all the benefits of having a mobile quarterback without the things that i think kyle shanahan does not want. I think the number one thing how shanahan does not want is for a mobile quarterback to drop back check as i read too quickly and then run out of the pocket or try and scramble before his play has a chance to work like that would drive him nuts but to shawn watson is not that guy. He's not going to run out of clean pockets. He's not going to do that stuff. So you get the benefit of him being able to make. Mike mcglinchey is pass rusher miss but also being able to not get out of things too early. I'm surprised that it took this long for you to take a shot at mcglinchey honestly but yeah no. That's a good point. Just because if anything watson is ignorant or obnoxious to holding onto the bar going through to make progressions instead of running like hey man run for eight yards and get the first down. But i think that's just because everything will be a pocket passer but again just as far as what shanahan would ask for what he wants healthy quarterback number one very very very talented quarterback. So if you just take away from his athletic skills talk about throwing the ball in tight windows. Accuracy velocity arm strength. Everything that you want from a quarterback he has man and I'd i would love to get i. I'm probably going to get into arguments all offseason. If he's even if he's not with forty-nine is that he is the second best quarterback but he's he was out of this world in twenty twenty he just checks every single possible box. I've met him. I've talked to him a little. He seems like a. He doesn't seem like this premadonna type guy which you might think. Because he's unhappy with the team. He never strikes me as that kind of guy. He strikes me as a good team. Guy a solid person who's just being mistreated by his company. You kinda see that in the videos were. Jj watch talking about him or jj watch walking with him. His teammates genuinely feel like disappointed. They let him down. I think that kind of tells you about the person. He is more than any sort of charities or whatever that we can see him posing and pictures would prove. That is a good point and that's what they always talk about. What garoppolo right like how. Much the teammates like him. Imagine having a guy that teammates like and exactly good. That can be one or the other we have to choose. No that's a fair point. But again i just this pipedream now now. Hopefully maybe we should. Just do a podcast. Every week about shawn watson until it comes through. Let's just do that. I'm sure to shawn's agent knows that. Kyle shanahan needs a quarterback. I'm sure his agent knows. Hey look this dude wins. Mvp's for people in his system. Like if the sean says i'm done get me outta here. The niners would be on the shortlist. Yeah florio mike. Mike florio pro football talk and obviously everybody knows how he feels about the forty niners but he said in that article he wrote that the forty niners are the most obvious fit. And i feel like the further. We get into this if this continues to be a thing. That watson is unhappy. We probably start to hear more and more rumors how the forty niners are interested in. So let's keep this thing. Let's keep this thing rolling baby and let me tell you. I worked with mike florio every day for five years. He's not putting that thing in there about the forty niners by accident. He's putting it in there because he hears things and he knows thing like i can tell you. I know how mike operates. So that was another reason why. I was so pumped up when i saw it. Oh god we haven't even gotten to the offseason yet and it's already crazy. We're already talking about this. John freaking watson. the season ended. What four days or just not even a week ago. And we're talking about fantasy. Land like john watson and we talked about trading for justin field. Talking about zack wilson We talk about stafford. We haven't even gotten to trading for other positions or free agents who first week of january baby. Welcome to the offseason by the way before we go really quickly. I saw these odds from novado. About where matt stafford will play week. One or two thousand twenty one. Did you see these. no. I didn't but i won. I imagine that the forty niners are not low on that list. So detroit's favorite their minus two fifteen right now. The number two favorite and this surprise me. Indianapolis was plus three fifty interesting. And then you get to washington and chicago. Six to one plus six hundred and then san francisco at seventy one. Wow that's lower than. I would think i actually to. I wouldn't have guessed the colts and not just an obviously philip rivers is. I think he's on a one year deal and he's probably on his way out but you just wouldn't use win. You haven't heard much about the colts really and stafford. So i don't know may be usually knows these things but then again you know we now. That could just be all different than we have the see. You're willing to combine. I'd imagine i'd wanna see those odds after the combine. Because that's where we're really going to find out about what's going on the nfl. That's when people start to talk and have discussions so keep a february fifteenth and whenever the combine is. That's when we'll start to get into it. I totally agree. There's there's so much tampering that goes on a by the way i think the culture going after carson wentz. That's just my frank reich. Is there he had once. They could probably get him for not very much because the eagles wanna get rid of them. That's just my early super bowl offseason prediction but anyway say tune. We who knows what's gonna happen. It's fun to dream about. It probably won't happen. But i appreciate the time. Kyle thank you for hopping on with mean indulging my crazy quarterback fantasies my pleasure. I just wanna shout out deforest buckner as well first team all pro so go you. You deserve it congrats. And by the way grant colin the forty niners did not trade deforest buckner because they thought he stunk. am in a structure that he wanted to knock it off. You know what you're doing. knock it off. Rate reviewing subscribe to the niners nation. Podcast every weekend everybody..

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