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There was talking to one guy said he had like five, miss PAT's, go gets on Saturday. Five miss PAT's in general is ridiculous. Independent. Thanks. Yeah, had Nikkei. I mean, what if this guy had like a hundred bets then maybe it's not that many all five, five, five. Miss PAT's in college is not a lot. No, that is a lot, but we need to know how many plays yet. I mean, just gotta have eight plays, then it would be forget if you've zero place by told you go into a college football Saturday, what's the over under on missed? PAT kicks. What would you say? I would say it's at least five. Don't these these college kids missed field goal extra points all the time, don't they? I would think so. I think it's ridiculous. Nothing's guaranteed in college football man that that's why it's kind of exciting in a way the distance, these kids miss the all the time. All right. So he had five go against him. Maybe some of these college football teams should start doing going to every single time. I think that's a good strategy in the NFL might be an even better strategy in college football, especially with these kickers missing so many. I can only imagine. All right. So we got Florida plus three pit plus for Kansas plus twenty nine, Texas date plus four and three and a half and western Michigan minus three and a hook. Yeah, pretty good stuff. And then we had a another player played Oklahoma minus seven and a half that game is in Dallas against Texas, the Red River shootout of guys now six and a half. Well, that's good. That's a good number. You know, Tom, Herman has been very good as an underdog. Lincoln Riley is a pretty darn good coach as well. That should be a great game. We'll see if Texas is back under Tom hermit on Saturday. That should be very fun game early Saturday morning. Yeah. I mean, I know Herman is the dog is like automatic and he's like, eleven one against the spread is an underdog, something like that..

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