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Chris Salvi hottie from apartment list. I think it's still unclear whether or not AH lot of those move. They're going to end up being permanent. But I do think that certainly a factor that's been at play here over the course of the past few months since March, Rent prices air down over 5% in downtown Miami and Orlando but up a point in Tampa Nationally, rents have fallen 1.3% Rory O'Neill. News radio 6 10 W. Y O D 604 President elect DOE Pied and sent. Hunter says Delaware's top federal prosecutors investigating him for taxes. Hunter Biden said in statement he's confident the investigation will find that he has handled his affairs legally and appropriately. Howard spares among those mourning the loss of a man who tried to unite blacks around the world. Palm Beach County's Marcus Garvey Jr passed away this week at the age of 90 and Wellington. His father, Marcus Sr. Founded the United Negro Improvement Association and Marcus Jr served as president following his dad's death. Our emir Dale Holness said the organization led the way for many civil rights groups that followed, and part of his activism and political life were based on the principles that Garvey laid out. There is a boil water notice still in effect for parts of downtown Miami after a water main break. That freak happened it yesterday morning as we reported to you along Biscayne Boulevard. No construction crews were in the air in, a county official says There's no word what caused the pipe to spontaneously burst. Repairs were finished last night, but occupants in four buildings are still advised to boil their water. Use bottled water until water tests come back safe. To Space Coast venues for America's space programs are getting new names at Kennedy Space Center. Vice President Mike Pence announced that Patrick Air Force Base will know now be known as the Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is Apron Errol Space Force Station Space X, dealing with a setback with its Starship rocket prototype after it exploded during an attempted landing. This happened after it launched without any problems in Texas as they got up to around 40,000 ft. Prototype called Serial Number eight or S N eight, and some new traditions being celebrated this Hanukkah beginning tonight, it's sent down virtual candle lighting ceremonies will take place instead of the usual in person once and lots of temples, air holding drivin services to celebrate the festival of Lights. Rabbi came a Slovak e With the Las Olas Ha Bada Jewish Center says they're doing a car parade to mark the miracle with minorities on the vehicles and music police escort driving around. Downtown fourth floor, they'll eastward Lord, they'll spreading the light off Monica the methods of panic the holiday Commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, celebrating the freedom of religious expression. It ends next Friday. December 18th More news for you coming up at 6 30. It's 606. I'm Natalie Rodriguez. Jimmy. Good morning. Good morning. You know, Al Capone said it's only taxes. That zoo joke. No, no, no. We're talking maybe Monday laundering with China. On the media that want to talk about it. No, no course not. No, not a problem. We'll discuss that plus two people get a severe reactions to the vaccine in great Britain more do you need to know and straight ahead, 6 12 traffic and 16 unusual 6 10 w Y o d peaceful vibes. Spectacular.

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