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Schulman bricks just saying that because I followed him on Twitter at the last week Todd sweet. Nothing. The brewers lead the Rockies top of the seven Corey Canadian is back to the bow rebel walkie. With Josh Hader, warming up the bullpen. DJ LeMay here dole at avocado with David doll are do up the Rockies. The seven. The first pitch is a bouncy ball the week. We'd awards thirty two his left and on first they want to thank Sarah Lang's. What are the great researchers at ESPN? She heard us talking about. Sure to be say that I think every fastball with Broendby brewers pitcher has been thrown at least ninety five miles per hour today. Corrected me. There was one fastball. Throated ninety four today by the walkie pitcher, six at ninety five nineteen ninety six twenty five at ninety seven and four. Thank you for setting that along, and it's not like the velocity is gonna drop with hater. Kind is serious. That was just a gentle slap on the hand. Danny and the stats. I feel half. Right. I don't feel fully wrong. It's h high ball one. To nothing Milwaukee Hibbert game one. Dada was lie down and struck out the Rockies have just one hit in this game as they've added the seven the second highest scoring team that Asher Italy during the regular season. Swung bounce foul left side one at one down some of that was field. Of course, they scored more than one hundred rods more this year at home that they did all the road. The gap for guys like Nolan Aeronautica who had really close that gap between home road splits. It sort of widen this year again and kind of to your point more successful courts field and on the road. Are there? Squalls yanked down the left field live but foul. Our data what we were talking about great defensive third baseman, and I would be able to sleep tonight. If we didn't bring up a name, you bet you during the break how good of a year back chaplain to the Oakland A's third base. I think he's going to be a runaway winner the golden glove award of the American believe that also pretty good over it. I on the other side as well. Back. Japanese defense you play. Delegates that platinum blog as well. Yeah. Wanted to to count on data. Pitch fastball on a check swing foul-up down the right side that was a defensive let me just get a piece of it. Get another catastrophic for Bill at our Nado. Pretty special when you're able to after all. Started at a pitch that really shouldn't have. But I gotta go ahead and just make some contact. So that I keep the satellite. Both do that for the cubs factor. I think you want to and our Dotto as pop back foul out of play. Dotto at Christian yelich, our buddies. Their votes southern California guys at his teenagers. They played together with the same travel team. There was some texting yesterday about this series. Hey, this is school. They will see you. But now it's got a radio silenced out of the game today. Another pitch all the way to against nasty curve ball able for the second out. Dahlie, really finish that pitch in not so much to whereas. Okay. Finish it buried in the jerk. He finished it enough that it would tease that outside part of the plate NBA competitive pitch would have to offer at but just changing planes the way that it was pretty difficult to even just foul tip that on off let alone put it in play that affect councils on his way to the plate to talk to Mike Lynch, silver looks like we might have a double switch here. Josh haters going to combat out of the goalpad. There will be another change of position players as well. Aired out Perez is making his way into the people around the infield and ice radical of applause upcoming able maybe even a bigger WADA's.

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