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To maybe eight hours a day to have veggies you know they just don't like the shade they don't do as well so if you've got a sunny area that's gonna work well but i would make the area too big i would start small as shocking how much you can get off of a small space but then how big should it be can i really get that prepared by hand or should i use a tiller well you can't do it by hand especially if you've got a couple of teenagers where you can point them in the right direction no i'm i'm kind of being a little bit facetious the rotor tiller is always gonna make it easier depends a lot on your soil but boy it would be a lot of work if you didn't have a rotor tiller another alternative is do raise beds which a lot of folks have kind of gone that way because it allows you to work your vegetable garden early in the spring when it might be too wet a raised bed we'll be drained well and maybe it gives you a little place to sit so these should not stooping so much i've seen a lot of folks do a raised bed and in their lawn area that's a really good idea and how deep should the soil in that raised bed about six eight inches is what you what you would really like to have of soil when you selecting your soil i mentioned that you don't want to over or under water miracle grow makes us soil called moisture control potting mix which works very well with containers or with raise beds they also have a raised bed soil that works well the key is when you're looking at the bags and the garden center if they say garden soil that organic material is designed to mix in with the native soil if it says potting mix that's designed to go into a container are into a planter.

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