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For point for number three goes to go with jose. Young's jose young two to one great battle. Let's talk you see because jed you're wrong about one thing while bell tours putting on a fourteen fight card you have si said you know what you do. Fourteen fights ballatore. We're going to do fifteen fights we're going to fifteen fights and that's what they're doing in the last one also in the light heavyweight division anthony smith versus ryan spans. The takes a week off coming back with fifteen fights over two weeks after having a nine fight card. We're a week away from the pay per view. Ufc two sixty six. Anthony smith is always a strong test for anybody tool five. Ryan span is nine one in his last ten and exciting prospect to five. You know he's been around for awhile. Jed thoughts on this event. What do you think ryan span taking on anthony smith. I guess i lay heavyweight is just. It's a were division. I think it's worth some heavyweight which is honestly saying something like ryan span is. She's a prospect by virtue of the fact that he is a warm body atto five by c. ranks. I don't know he might be ranked. I'm maybe i even ranked him. He's that forgettable. He barely beat same. I'll last year. same halley. Not why two funds. Just the longer this. The world goes on the less good john. Jones's career folks. In retrospect to be like you are probably the best fighter we've ever seen and holy shit. You're really good at fighting man. We thought to five was good because we had this idea that like all these old people that we loved were good and now. In retrospect may and that is just a chasm of talent and and fine to five sucks So this is a fight. It might even be a fun one. Actually because anthony. Smith is is a fun fighter and ryan span can be fun. He usually wins or loses spectacularly unless he's going to a decision with same frigging alfie. So it'd be fun It just hurts my soul that this like matters in in that this fight means something But that's also why we get to have a champion jon balka. The true would never be championed in any other division and that story is very heartwarming. And awesome so hell. Yeah i guess. Let's go to five is better than most of the rest of his card at least that code for a love. How the more you talk the more. The the higher the score the main event gotcha. So that's that's a very compelling fourteen other fan fights before it so in concept it's maybe maybe the uc's if we just still them with awful for five hours he gets to the main event and they see something resembling competent like hell. Yeah that's a great fight. I leave your happy filled. Jose your thoughts on smith. V spam on saturday lot more interested in and after watching anthony interview on the anime our ryan span as we all know that noted during the promo for which was was During the he'll fight was at the darren till card. Yeah that was the last one He seemed really angry. For whatever reason anthony smith was like. Why are you so mad bro. And then he called him a nerd and dark and was like i don't know really large black scary men don't scare me. That was like half my family growing up. So i'm like wow i can't wait to see staredown because ryan's span just seems perpetually agitated by something i was also at that ryan span. Sam ali fight those the first clark. That was the first fight in the pandemic air. That was when ryan span and same alley in front of a thirty thousand seat. Empty arena jacksonville. So that fight was absolutely bizarre. I get. I give everyone on that card a little bit of a pass because of how weird that those Circumstances where leading into that fight. Anthony smith is one of those fighters that really no matter where the fight is. He can hold his own in. At least some aspects. I know he got absolutely pieced up by globe share and As into ratchet. I remember correctly but anthony smith is a very very very high level black belt on the ground and he has endless cardio and he can punch really well and kick really well so i expect him to win. I'm very excited for this fight. And there are some low key bangers on this fight card. I would from top to bottom. This card is very easily. The obvious answer for which card is best Considering half of the ballots are card is only. Oh but yeah. There's a fun fights. I don't hate the main event at gets a really good pay per view opener. If that makes sense this is anthony. Smith versus jimmy crew. Like a really fun fight. That should kick off a paper view. What is the what. I know when we say low key banger. You like to look at specific fighters but all it's got to be a fight out here men's got one fight krista jogos rules. That's why we all talk about how islam market ship is the uncrowned champion ally highway arms the rookie and made his debut against islam. Mahachi who's already had like several fights in the u. of c. And looked really good to the poor. Habib pulled him aside after the fight and it was like. You're really good fighter. And then he. He missed weight on fight island and he wanted to fight dan hooker and then that fight didn't happen now he's christo shot. Who's coming off. Well what what was his last fight these. He's admitted providence. Is sean soriano in denison. But it was like some weird joke right. It was like a bra bravo joke. Whatever was so that fight is awesome. I am so much more interested in that than any other fight on this card outside of that. They're like like walking. Buckley olympic saying a or on the same card and all of a sudden. They're in different classes. Mantell jackson is fun. Like panic cans at all of sudden is on like a really long win streak and raquel. Pennington is a name that is popular and she fought for the title so there are fun names on this card but rookie and goes. I love that fight. That is the definition of a very high level mixed martial arts contest against two fires. That probably won't be champion. But we'll always put on at least exciting fights which you got what you got I cannot cannot. jose said. That's a really good fight but going bangers and it's going to be low key. Give me impetus ogoni charleston. Harris causton harasses duties is really frigging fun Been his. he made his debut. This year might have been earlier. This year I can't remember if it was early this year late last year. Got adarsh joke He came from the warriors thing he was on this fist. Like once or twice Do just really exciting fighter. Really fun and epic. Saga is will forever be dude. Got educate By yuki buckley. And if you have the ability to get highlight reel knockout. Did like we talked earlier or my my colleague over there said you know. Being boring is a skill. Returning fights borings a skill. A more underrated skill is the ability to get knocked out spectacularly. Because he's a walking. I've said for years if anybody would ever let me run and intimate promotion. I would try and get really exciting fighters. First and the second thing i would look for is i would try to get fighters who know how to get knocked out. Because that puts the highlight reels up there and nate. He knows how to get knocked out in spectacular fashion. So i'm all for watching watching harris cuckoo. Maybe not because he's actually not a bad fighter. Maybe bad night against joking. Buckley or is a different way class. But i'm super interested in this one and.

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