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Is stop at five forty five to the second sensors a little less jumped from the lightning right after that fourth. Pittsburgh goal. Muster away to make it three goal game. Again. Maybe if they could do that, they'll get momentum back. Eric Johnson was mentioning that. And the first intermission. He was bang on there too. Don't get that fourth goal against you because it has taken some wind out of the sales there. There's no doubt lady have a lot of confidence. And earlier in the season. They were down three goals in the Florida Panthers may came back and won that game. There was a neutral zone face off. So it was played by a Pittsburgh high. Stay Crosby wins the draw Balkan dumps adopted, and so it's back in the lightning in Dumas into the left point spins it, find the net Simone drop the right point Tang. A golden an assist tonight for him cross as to Crosby left circle. Lapointe Duman too tough to handle it bounced off his stick comes out of the zone. Back in neutralize Dumont Raewyn Chris Luton ill. L spring Gansel into the lightning and left point shot saved by Vasyl Ascii remain picked up by Girardi at the nearside who trough were breeding point point directs back who dropped the center ice circle. Gujrat from the red line whistles it light. And get a partial change Murray tops the puck for Latino and the Pittsburgh Clark quarter-final five minutes to the second. It's four another penguins. Low-tech holding out of the puck. Right side feet, Tanner Pearson. Made a nice move to get around stamp goes down the right wing of the lightning zone, Tanner Pearson, right circle, little feat Cullen office stick bouncing around. It's gonna come to Pederson centerpoint shot deflected over the net. Rebound churn acolyte leader corner, absorbs a hard check from Pearson makes a play for Yanni Gord back for back in the near corner. Buys the far side of mcdonagh. Ryan mcdonagh, launches it. For stamkos to set up a breakaway busting in front, and they got checked by ward quest. He didn't quite have the puck under control. When he started accelerating articles did a good job defensively and call it clears to center shirt AC dumped it back in but out of play on the dump in. So it'll be neutral zone. Faceoff off. I left to the second four nothing penguins lighting radio..

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