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The omicron variant of the coronavirus has many worried about new COVID outbreaks The fewer Americans say they are regularly wearing masks or isolating compared with the beginning of the year it's a new AP poll New York State's mask mandate is in effect beginning today for shops and other indoor spaces The Biden administration is announcing today a plan to build 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles across the country This is a P news Day four of testimony today in the trial of a Minnesota police officer charged in the death of Dante Wright County courtroom in Minneapolis a medical examiner is expected to walk jurors through Dante Wright's autopsy Kim Potter and officer with the Brooklyn center Minnesota police force faces manslaughter charges in rights shooting death in April Potter has said she meant to draw her taser instead of her Glock to stop right last week juror saw body camera and dash cam video that showed the traffic stop and shooting They heard tearful testimony from Wright's mother and a young woman who was in a passenger seat when he was killed then police sergeant Michael Johnson testified Friday that he was holding rights right arm but dropped it when he heard Potter shout Video appears to show Johnson's hands still in the car when the shot was fired I'm Jennifer King Steven Spielberg's movie west side story opened with a weaker than expected debut at the box office just over $10 million in ticket sales That's according to studio estimates It was one of the year's most eagerly awaited movies I'm Rita foley AP news This is a 20 a.m. willow springs and streaming worldwide at 8 20 dot com We are Chicago's progressive talk where facts matter Now your 8 20 Chicago traffic update It's gopi traffic remains heavy on gross point road from Laramie to near after a crash sing heavy traffic on the inbound Kennedy starting at canfield The trip climbs come down a bit though 35 minutes from O'Hare to downtown Chicago 25 for montrose 17 of the express lanes I'll found its 24 minutes downtown to the airport And on Austin hour has approved at 42 minutes from three 90 to downtown 30 from Wolfe heavy mainly from Harlem to downtown How about 26 minutes downtown to three 90 In fact Stevenson Delaney started Harlem 36 minutes from the veterans memorial to saw the Lake short rock crying at 20 minutes from 95th to downtown To saw the lakeshore drive is tight northbound 18th drive to Monroe That's traffic.

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