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It's crazy because this episode I offer interviewing Mr Paul, David Thompson, and me and Paul have very similar backgrounds. So in this episode, we're actually kind of walking through both of our stories kind of side by side. I mean, I'm interviewing him for the most part, but I'm interjecting that every time I get and kind of just comparing our stories of just kind of side by side parallel because they're so similar Paul started investing the little under four years ago, and I started in a little under three years ago. So you guys are listening to to fairly new investors who built hill been able to build up their real estate portfolio who've been able to start a real estate business who are really up. Coming. I'm speaking more. So about Paul he's been featured on bigger pockets. He's been featured on tons of podcasts. He's really blowing up, but you're getting to look at some really up and coming real estate investors real estate entrepreneurs no myself recently, actually yesterday, I was nominated and presented an award for a top twenty rising star in my city in Houston, Texas. So that was pretty cool. I'm just kind of be onstage with some of the best minds and brightest young up. And coming entrepreneurs in the city was amazing. So really grateful for that and really excited for twenty nineteen and what we have in store because we're just scratching the surface. We're just getting started and similar to Paul. He's just getting started. Like, this is the world is always during I have this episode here for you. Visit them between nineteen because because we were recorded back in August. But you're listening to this shortly after thanksgiving, if you're listening to this when this episode first releases because I want to show you guys to power of some of the more Craner, investors and. What they've been able to achieve and kind of give you some inspiration toward that mindset talk about a lot about Martin had on the show. What's crazy about policies that Paul, and I actually have the same exact mentor, and I'm not talking about a real estate mentor? I am talking about a life coach mentor, and we hit it off the bat very very early. Having never spoken to each other before. But because we have the same mental we have a very similar business model. So it's crazy Paul actually heard about me and my show through my mentor through our mentor, and that's why he reached out and wanted to be on the show, and I'll be on his show in a few days. So I'm super excited about that as well. Anyways on the actual episode that we're talking about some really good stuff guys. We're talking about my escape from corporate. America was talking about politics Cape from corporate America and Paul likes to refer to his J O B or anyone stay OB in general as the real world matrix. And we didn't highlight this on the shell. But when I think about. The matrix. And if you're eighties baby or nineties baby were seventies. Baby. I'm sure you know, what the matrix is. And and that movie Neal was just a regular guy for a long time. They've been a regular life. And he hated going toward he hated his boss..

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