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Altogether. What do you think of? Led to this addition to the offensive line what anybody else led to this kind of late for you. Ruled out thing to preparation. No. You know? No, we're worrying about us. You know, how we play. Does she not stuff in the foot time and time again, not starting and finishing strong? No, that's what we did is no offense. Like, I said, I'm not gonna take a lot of credit. You know, I had to go ahead and do my job and be efficient consistent. So that's my main focus with those guys. They would do their job. I had to go. Do Henry also became the first player in the league with four rushing touchdowns in a game since Jonas gray. Did it for the past week eleven of twenty four teen titans wide receiver Taiwan Taylor. The way the Freddie Coleman on Freddie and Fitz. Simons getting a big like that and Derrick Henry running the ball the way he was able to. Oh, man, you know. I mean, I guess. Part of that after the game. But yeah, man, I mean. It's no surprise. I mean, he was. Every week. So we just try to rally behind him good off the momentum. He said try to stick together. When I saw the block you late from an ninety nine yard run you almost caught him as he went down the sideline ninety nine yard touchdown run. A what was that? Like when he makes a run like that at your defense. Stop them four times inside the three yard line and kept him out of the end zone. A game-breaker so play like changed the whole momentum, and you know, the whole situation. Yes, it did. Indeed. With the win. The titans jump above five hundred staying contingent for the playoffs. Get their fourth straight win over their division rivals. Six of the last seven they won against Jacksonville Jaguars have lost eight of their last nine overall. You're listening to sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I am Jim bask. Well, the Washington Redskins are asking for privacy for Alex Smith as well. As family amid reports he is dealing with complications from surgery to repair, his broken leg. Sources. Tell our Diana Rossini that there is concern that Smith is dealing with a career ending injury. He remains in the hospital where he's been since suffering. The injury on November eighteenth recede on NFL live a very sensitive story to report, and it's something we haven't keeping an eye on for about a week. Now, here's why now Alex. Still in the hospital. He's been there. Eighteenth. And he is not going to be leaving anytime soon. He got multiple surgeries on his leg. And sources have shared with me more than five surgeries and the issues now are actually from an inspection from the surgeries. Uh-huh. Could be so difficult to recover from that. It could be career ending for Alex. Share with me, very positive. They're very optimistic, but they are very aware of the severity of the person. I spoke to. Within the Redskins organization. They've been very very quiet about the situation. And they they're just hoping for a full recovery for Alex. And you guys weather concern that career ending your actual concern for the health of his leg doing everyday things like walking. So while I know it's our job to focus on his football career. This could be an uphill battle for the full recovery of Alex or four outlets like straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones. Best networks, no contracts, Adam Schefter, on what the Redskin statement tells us literally last week, this came up this particular the details of this and the people around the Redskins and his family were very very protective of this particular injury. And all that came along with it. When the Washington Redskins released a statement today in reaction to some information that surfaced on a blog in Washington. They basically said when they say we hope that you respect the privacy of the family, and that our thoughts are with Alex. You knew right then and there how serious this actual injury was no matter how many surgeries Alex has had already. No matter how long he is. And will be in the hospital. No matter how much careers threatened again as Diana sink. We said you hope that Alex Smith is. Okay. First and foremost, but you know, the severity in gravity of this particular situation by the statement that the Redskins released in trying to basically comet down, but in alerting the world that this is a major ordeal that Alex Smith is now fighting Spain and fits with how this impacts the Redskins moving forward. Not only were they banking on him to lead the team. But monetarily the way his contract was set up on this injury prevention or the protections put in place. For Alex Smith in the case of something catastrophic like this. We're used to tell other players. This is how you set it up. This is how you protect yourself in a sport like the NFL. But the downside is of course, what it means for the team. And you have some numbers on what this means for the Washington football team going forward, even if he doesn't ever play for them again. That's it's really staggering. If he never returned to the field. We have to remember that fifteen million dollars for twenty nineteen and sixteen million dollars for twenty two twenty would count against the salary cap. That's according to the Washington Post. So if the team were released Smith before June, first of two thousand nineteen the Redskins would have a fifty two point six million dollar cap it in two thousand nineteen for dead money if they release them after June, June one they'd still have twenty point four in nineteen and thirty two point two in two thousand twenty so for everybody that says, hey, Alex Smith is reminding players go get that contract because of the injury. This is also a scary moment for teams that are looking at it and saying. See this is why we can't give those big injury guarantees because if he does not play for the Redskins again, it will have huge effects to the team in their ability to actually put a quarterback on that roster in the future. That is straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G LT network college football wards show in Atlanta on Thursday with to a tunnel via Winnie the Walter can't add Maxwell awards as the nation's top player has five players to win. The Walter camp has also won the Heisman as thrown thirty seven touchdowns to just four picks this season leading the crimson tide to the top spot in the college football playoff rankings and spoke on winning the Maxwell. What does representing this amazing school is amazing offenses all star cast? But the season you've had meat as as a Max Bell award winner. Oh, you know. I'd like to first off. Thank my Lord. Jesus christ. I'd like to thank coach saving for the opportunity on. None of this could have been done without the supporting cast as well. The offense the defense I like to thank our coaching staff were giving me opportunity as well. You know, what starts coach lots trickles down a quarterback coach coaching. Also, you know, a lot goes into this. And I just think it's it's more. So a team effort, you know, it's just me get your family right here. Marcus mariota won this award representing Hawaii. Proudly what does this family, and where you've come from house it shaped your house? It helped you get here. Oh, I mean being raised the way I was, you know, every little thing matters. You know, what you do what you say on reflects who who you are. And what's represent, you know? And so I'm grateful that my family gets to witness this. And I'm I'm just grateful to all my teammates. I'm grateful to everyone who's been in supporting me throughout this process. And are you had treatment this afternoon? You got the boot on are you on schedule to get back on the field for the playoffs and the Orange Bowl because there's more work to do with the season. Hopefully, you know, that's the goal. But as far as now just trying to take it a today at a time trying to get better. You know, and I'd like to thank Jeff Allen our head athletic trainer stuff for coming on the trip, and and helping me get better. So two wins both player of the year honors but Oklahoma's collar Murray beats to out for the Davey O'Brien award is next atop top quarterback. They both Blake QB Murray had a ninety six quarterback rating highest in the FBI in the last fifteen years responsible for fifty one touchdowns Notre Dame's Brian Kelly takes home, the Home Depot coach of the year honor Irish, she leads them to the college football semi against Clemson. And also spoke with our Chris Fowler. You're the first three time winner twice at Notre Dame. Wants it Cincinnati all three times perfect regular seasons. That's thinkin. Not really. I mean, it's a signifies. You have a great team. Great support staff. Great coaches, certainly great players. You have to be obviously, very lucky we stayed injury-free. This. Here. And there's so many great coaches out there that could be here today. But I think of great team signifies, you got all those things working together. There's so many things more than anyone can ever know that goes into coaching football team over a season the aspects that struck me were you really use creative methods to sort of attack and address the weaknesses that you fought your team had last year, and it was tremendously successful. Well, I think each year, you know, you return players, but they're not the same team. And so each year, I think the challenges are to make sure that you get your guys playing their very best even though they change a little bit each year. So I think just making sure that everybody is understanding that each team is a little bit different. We're different this year. And it's worked out pretty good. Notre Dame's of the college football playoff for the first time. How things in your profession changed in this era where you're judged so harshly by the postseason at Notre Dame? Maybe one slip up. You guys aren't in that bracket. Well, you have to stay so focused on the moment. If you start thinking about. About two weeks down the road three weeks down the road. You're gonna slip up. So I think that's a testament to the group that we had this year the ability to keep away from distraction social media can get distracted easily. They stayed in the moment, stay focused, and I think that's a great trait. They had now they ever shot for a national championship kyri and get some revenge on the Knicks while the Red Sox keep a big part of their pitching staff. That's next. This is sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Hey, what's up with her Silla show pod? My man, Scott van pelt co.

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