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The globe Alex stone ABC news Los Angeles time now to get a look at your money from ABC news Wall Street now major indexes closing higher after shaking off a choppy start the Dow gained a hundred fifty four points the broad S. and P. five hundred added twenty points apple led the nasdaq index to a record close up a hundred ten apple and Microsoft shares each gained over two and a half percent initial drop followed weakness overseas as the global totals of coronavirus infections approached nine million technology companies led the way outweighing losses in health care and other sectors airlines and cruise line operators were among the biggest decliners many market watchers think the market's recent surges out of whack with the weak state of the economy the price of oil rose settling above forty dollars a barrel for the first time since early March before the economy all but shut down due to the outbreak American Airlines fell seven point six percent on news that the company plans to raise three point five billion dollars including a billion and a half from selling stock and debt that can be converted to stock chucks Iverson ABC news for more money news just go to the KTA are business center at KTAR dot com D. A. R. news health update KTA our eyes on health the corona viruses at the elderly population hard but what about younger people doctors say a growing concern now is the possibility of young adults suffering strokes after coming down code nineteen Dr Sean Reid critical care physician with the errors on a pulmonary care specialist says it's rare but younger adults have suffered strokes due in part to covert nineteen uses blood clotting can happen anywhere in the body it costs to go to the heart unit costs go to the alarm clock to go to the legs arms body wide to write says stroke symptoms due to a coronavirus are similar to other diseases blood clotting around the time of this severe aspect of the disease and then dealing with the effects of the blood clotting problems afterwards Dr rice is often times stroke symptoms such as slurred speech and drooping facial muscles are overlooked because there's more focus on the known coronavirus symptoms such as trouble breathing and a high fever he says for young people the best way to prevent a stroke is to.

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