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And i paused and i looked at my watch and i tapped by watch and i said we haven't talked for minutes. It's driving me crazy. It's just a different style isn't it. It's a different approach. I think the preconceived notion portion of what you were asking is the more i know about myself and i pay attention. And i'm aware of the people that i'm with the more that i can let go of those preconceived notions and just say okay. I'm interacting with another human. Being who style is different than mine. And here's how. I need to adjust what i'm doing. I had a A situation where. When i first went into business Colleague that i had worked with previously was at a start up here. I'm in raleigh north carolina area and she called me up and she said nancy brand new. Start up we need training Can you come up and you know. Let's have a conversation. I said sure so. I went up and met various people. She showed me the whole layout. We stepped off site. Talk for another couple of hours about some things that she was interested in exploring put together in eighteen training plan proposal. She calls me up and she said the owner of the company wants to meet you really like the proposal Can you come up. And whatever the date was and she said. Let me tell you something she said. Let me just share with you. She said this is important to you. Know we call him a five minute man. She said because if you talked to him for more than five minutes he's done he will check out and he will walk out. I said okay no problem. I hung up the phone. And just like the saying houston. We have a problem. Because i am a forty five minute person. I would like to tell you the whole story from agency double double the. I think you're seeing that With this podcast as well and so. I've practiced and i cut nine practice practicing my and i got up to the place to me about an hour and at that point in time my son was playing football at north carolina state university. He was third. String offense Center and i was part of the parents club and the owner wasn't alumni of the college of the university which i didn't know and he saw my magnet on my car and when i met him of course you want wanted to talk north carolina state. And so you're pulling in my five minutes here so we did this thing and then i gave my presentation and i said and that concludes my five minute presentation. And he he. You would've hoped you would have said please tell me more see or hey let me. Sign on the dotted line. But no what he said was good. 'cause then another ten seconds out of here Yeah yeah wow it's about knowing you know you you know knowing preconceived. There wasn't a preconceived notion. But i needed to prepare myself for the fact that i had five minutes and that was it. Yeah that's an elevator. pitch. Yeah yeah that's it. Yeah that's an extended elevator pitch now. It's more like thirty seconds right. Yeah it is interesting that we deal with and it can be comical at times or shocking. Whole range yes. The whole the whole gamut lies there. What can we do to build our communication skills better. I found that reading helps me build my vocabulary and it helps me be better at preparing for stations..

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