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You do. You are the owner of a pair of monta balls jour-jour. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it, sir. Problem. Keep Jovan right? Keep your eyelids. Open mazal tov donlevatar what's happening outside is the same song has been playing for seventeen hours. All of you are listening to the same damn song. These deejays aren't any good. It's the same song. I know I sound like your grandfather's to gods. Don, I gotta Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun. This is live at our show with a Stu gods on ESPN radio Clinton. We've only got one question for you. Tell us about the Hennessy. You were drinking before games. I think it's the most university of Miami thing ever. Then all all the questions you can access as you want to discuss this show. You not know, Dan. I mean, come on. It's crazy. This do you know, what's crazy is the fact that this is a story that's already been told. What is it breaking news? And big news. All of a sudden, again, this is the story that we've already discussed is that, you know, it seems like it's a problem when you look at a locker room, you look at most of the things people do like, this is so mine, you know, and for me it was simple shot before game night. Simple shot. It was get wasted. It wasn't. I went out and party. It wasn't anything. Like people make this out to be like, oh, this is so unbelievable when you've heard stories of of cocaine use and we smoke in all this other stuff a shot of Hennessy is bigger than all of that. You gotta be kidding me. And it's only big because you said it during Super Bowl before. But now it's Super Bowl. I'm disappointed that it wasn't five or six shots. I mean, I know about the torrent all and all the painkillers what you did was violent. And it hurt a lot. I'm disappointed in you. Frankly. I'm a shamed. To call you a fellow university of Miami guy because you only did one that simple shot of Hennessy before games. Even though what's Clinton came to nobody in the his name. I the. I'm sorry. I interrupted you just make awkward because I make everything out. So again, do you not know, Dan? It was like going in for kiss on the first day in both the L pause. I'm sorry. I just if you prefer we won't talk about the Hennessy, and we will talk instead about how much fun you had in Washington because I don't believe anyone in the history of Washington has had more fun than you had in Washington. Well, you add Hinson it being washed..

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