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They're like i sold my business and you know they ran it into the ground. And i'm like yeah happens a lot actually or you know. They told me they please all the time they were gonna keep me on for the next two years and then within six weeks i was gonna. I'm like yeah happens all the time. And so i just i wanted you to to kind of share some of that experience because your your story is on par with you know what what happened when when businesses get bought and sold. It's the same thing houses get bought and sold. Guess what they are. Going to repaint the front room. They're gonna tear. It doesn't matter whatever was written on that little thing you know and they might have. They might have forced you to you. Know put put in you know something is part of the part of the kitchen to make it sellable and then they got the whole kitchen. And you're like why did you do saying in business. And so i appreciate you kinda share in that and honestly this has been a wonderful interview. I mean The the listeners that they've they've gotten tons of information. I mean this this right here is is the stuff that you're paying consultants for the they were given detailed steps links to materials You know all that thrown in so huge value. You've been an excellent guests. I greatly appreciate your time your expertise and so this has been tim fitzpatrick with realto. Marketing and If you go to re alto marketing dot com. He's got a ton of those resources. The links are going to be in the description But yeah. I can't say thank you enough but you've been wonderful tim and hope to have you back on the pleasure. Take care youtube. Take control of your business today. Go to learn desk dot. Us and search marketing management that money for the small business insights. You've always wanted to stay tuned for new episodes on the first and third wednesdays of every month. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when really spokes contests such as interviews and short.

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