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Because as i said before because the technology the team and with lithograph penton meant he could mass-produce advertisements so anne kane of shooting jewel page link saint joe that's link but every woman is just losing elegance and ministers a child she is. Just i really serena asarco. They just look like goddesses why. I really love about his work. Was i really feel. It celebrates incredible on wonderful. Women are because they deserve to be celebrated in there's an advert for 'em champagne baskets. So that's was done in eighteen ninety six and it has to women and the peace with a man that the female just seems to have. This is the continued thing with like the wet brush. Carl's it's it just looks like a heel render heads like she's the most important thing in this room and even your eyes are just instantly drawn to the women that he draws in peace here man. Yeah you're completely right. So i just feel mika very much celebrated women and when you look at his folio works so there's over two hundred and forty. Six paintings is all women and it's because they are just such important subject massar and an are just used to add sale. There's one that you showed me earlier. And the so as a woman and a man really good example of this on the women and this assuming is an art fair as it was. Oh it's a poster for printing work yet because he's the prisoner. This is during this piece as we look at it. So there's a piece. Kazan fells which was a printing works. We are printing press a printing praise and the male model is bid much dark colors blues with raids and the female is cream in orange with blue hair so it makes her stunned. I actually believe that she's meant to be the ink his that's hard printed more and more but it just shows that the women's meant to stand over the mind the females the most important part and once again she's naked draped in fabric because it just creates cain of gold higher being qena feel And our hair. Just can't pair physically will join their body just absolutely adored the way that you draws women and even the way that he draws hair as always draw here vega exaggerated in weapon closely and Because of having nuclear drew women's hair but he didn't just work in advertising. Let you said chiasso. He was a very accomplished painter. Very beautiful painter. Yes as i've said over two hundred and forty six paintings always you know with the theme of nature and there's a cds once again am called. The four seasons is the personification of the seasons as women. It's the same thing again. frames the females the center for the piece the treat and fabric just even winter. Who would be the coldest just even wrapped up. She just looked so beautiful there here always long and draped dying with Like the cane of webster's gaps to shoot the negative space as well and it's just individually dictated with each one having a frame. It's just such a beautiful technique and so as a painting series as a mural at somewhere painting. cd's that was a lot of his stuff was painted cd. So you'd always do things in force and it would always be of the same theme. The seasons the moon there was another. Another cds coleman stars okay and that was four women and front of the moon in different stages of the and working these seen no or these are these private collections. Are these in museum collections. Well i've seen a few of these pieces and real life..

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