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A service of Ben Rawson contracting dot com Dawson city council will vote tomorrow on an eight month ninety five thousand dollar contract with Matthew Dharti the former head of the U. S. inter agency council on homelessness under Barack Obama the staff has already has enough experience to solve Austin's homeless crisis well Texas has managed to avoid any confirmed case of the coronavirus Austin and Travis county health officials are trying to remain prepared now the last public health medical director Dr mark S. got says the virus is contagious enough to pop up almost overnight at least as contagious as the flu and perhaps twice is contagious but substantially less contagious than things like measles and could test for build more in Austin maybe electric car company C. E. O. U. lawn muskets causing a stir of speculation after he posted a Twitter poll well the question giga Texas also changed his profile location to Austin your tail BJ read our weather watch it's forty three degrees low thirty to get Austin news on demand it newsradio kale B. J. dot com why every afternoon to the fore this is mark Melinda an add on newsradio kale BJ seven five one two eight three six zero five ninety now mark Melinda and the statement is running a story today I inferring reading this that some of the city council members were very upset when they were told that regarding that gigantic homeless camp that caught fire at one eighty three in Cameron this week.

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