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Brown of financial product marketplace, lend EDU tested, twenty different ATM's in the city with a device that measures bacteria on surfaces testing areas like the keypad touchscreen and card reader of each cash machine. The results astounding overall, the he found that the card reader is the dirtiest part of the ATM. It gets a four twenty-seven. Are you reading which was double the levels for the keypads in the touch screens? So when comparing it to other gross things in the city, and they're plenty of them that numbers pretty bad. For example, the subway poll only sixty eight are you reading while the Penn State station a toilet handle got a hundred and sixty three park bench in Manhattan, three seventy are L you. So the ATM comes into the four twenty seven are you reading? We'll think about it think about how often they're used, you know, so that's pretty gross stuff. If he asked me, so you might. Want to carry a little pocket purell? Rachel Brosnahan is landed a big pay hike on the marvelous MRs Mazel after renegotiating a contract on the hit series with Amazon. The Hollywood reporter has written that Tony shalhoub to also landed a bigger payday, and Alex bore Stein is said to be close to a deal to Brosnahan will now make triple her previous salary or about three hundred thousand bucks an episode for the third season. Nice work if he can get wow this Amy Sherman palladino creation snagged the best comedy series. The EMMY and the Golden Globe wards too. So they scored big Brosnahan landed two Golden Globes, an EMMY and a sag award shillue Naby sag award in an EMMY nomination and Burstein an EMMY award in a sag and a Golden Globe nomination. So check ching. The marvelous MRs Mazel stars get big big salary bumps seven thirty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. It's a slipping and sliding kind of a morning out there, but got a lot of room to roam. Because it's president's day.

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