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The final race of the Sydney supercars cap has been completed with shame van gisbert and taking the Sydney title, and in so doing, has also wrapped up the supercars championship with one race left in the calendar. On a Whit Sunday evening, Shane gave his thoughts on his achievement. Yeah, it's obviously still pretty fresh, but it's been an awesome awesome year and obviously some challenges, ups and downs, but yet we've just come here and had a plan with couch in the 97 guys and pretty much executed every rice and was super consistent. And did what we needed to do. It's been awesome year and obviously some challenges early in the year with breaking myself, but the Cosby and fantastic team has always been fantastic. And yeah, just super stuck. Those challenges that shine mentions was he broke his collar bone on a mountain bike accident in March, and had little time to recover before the sand and round. It was pretty tasty Tom. The shoulder will never be the same again, like I got a full time fake ligament in there and that was probably the limiting thing. I think I tested BMW, the Tuesday of sand down and told everyone I was, but I probably wasn't right to drive. I couldn't lift my arm up. High enough, but that got better. Every day. And probably lucky we didn't find the ribs, like I had a lot of pain, but we didn't find that. Because if I had known I had broken ribs, probably wouldn't have been allowed to rice. Kind of worked out well. The Red Bull impul team has always found the Sydney motor sport park layout challenging and it doesn't particularly suit their cars, Shane reflected on overcoming the difficulties of the past four weeks of racing. It's not my favorite track, but is what it is. It's been called that we've been able to come here and been well accommodated by this place and the facilities awesome and it's been very homely for the guys and prepping the cars every week. That's been really cool. And yeah, I appreciate the track doing what they've done to help the series get underway. But yeah, it was its challenges like we're not the fastest around here for years, you know, Scotty's been super quick here. This type of corner and it's not our cars type. You know, we sort of struggled on the long corners. So yeah, qualifying, especially we struggled, but rice pace on my side was always good. We just couldn't qualify well, but yeah, we executed ended up with the most points, which was awesome. The Sunday race at Sydney motor sport park was abandoned due to rain, making the track on drivable Shane Vegas Bergen and his teammate, Jamie wing cup along with dick Johnson racing driver ant on deeper squarely. All spoke about the conditions. And if the decision not to rise was the right one. But you see what happened in the DBS race. Like the guys, it's fine for the guys in front, but from 5th, 6 backwards, you just can't see. And this tall is really good, except for when there's a lot of standing water and it's not a proper wet, but it's an all around kind of wet for the intermediate, I guess, but if it was going in qualifying and everyone was running around after four or 5 laps that would have been fine. But it's just starting the race with the standing water. Would have just been carnage. You know, we can't go back to coins then. And fix a bent car. We just can't go back in the states. So you've got to look at all the factors you can just look at a couple. And make a decision. But there's certainly part of it. Shain said, it's a high speed circuit. Plenty of ah stay down at turn one. We had a bit of a preview with soup two this morning as well. They tried to get going, but that was a disaster. So all factors considered the past debate did an excellent job. Yeah, I always want to go racing. That's sort of what we're here for. That's what we love to do. I had a terrible qualifying session. And then in the end, didn't play the punishment of starting in the back. So that's always a positive, but the end of the day, it's also in a race like that when you're in a bad position, you can sort of bring it back somehow, but we didn't get to say pan out today. In 2022, the Red Bull and pole racing team will undergo many significant changes with 7 time champion Jamie wing cap retiring from full time driving to take over the team principal position vacated by Roland Dane. Venge Bergen's race engineer David county is moving to another team, and he will be joined in the garage by a young upcoming driver named Brock feni. So how is the gears looking forward to these changes? Change is always good and it keeps it keeps it fresh. You know, new teammate next year then the new car the year after that month. Or something happening in the series. So that keeps me excited. You know, I'd love to keep rice in here as long as I can. Following the event in baathist in two weeks time, shame will officially become a two time supercars champion. He said the realization of his achievement will not sink in for a while. But it's fulfilling to obtain the supercars crown again. It's awesome. You know, it's my life. Dream, my life goal and, you know, when the first one and just wanted to do it again and now, all I want to do is win it again. It's an awesome feeling. And knowing with your group of guys, you know, not just the guys on my car, but the whole team, how we've been all year. And so many so many changes within the team to still come out and perform like we did. It's really cool. A second championship for New Zealand of Vegas Bergen puts him in the company with Jim Richards and Scott McLaughlin, who are also New Zealanders that have won it twice. Yeah, it's pretty cool. Jimmy's obviously a hero to most kiwi drivers and then obviously Scotty getting to race him and him being a mate winning the last few. Yeah, it's cool to add my name to that list, but as I said, it's just to win it again as it's a cool thing. You know, I remember, it seems a while ago now was only 2016, but yeah. It feels just like the first one. It's pretty cool feeling. After the sport being dominated by New Zealand, a Scott McLaughlin for the past three years has veggie Burke and felt any different about the competition and winning the championship in 2021 without him here. Yeah, like I would have loved to have raced him, you know, obviously Anton shows what that car's capable of. I think I was thinking about it like there's been three guys sort of the last few years in our levels just gone crazy, like I've had to lift to Scotty, obviously live to Jamie, and then we're all pushed each other. And one of them's gone. And then the others got probably a lot of outside. Factors that influence them. Maybe it didn't but I just got to keep focused and stay above that level and not drop to everyone else, you know? It's been pretty awesome. This championship the last few years trying to catch someone and perform tp and keep learning. And I think this year I kept getting better, and I just got to keep focused and keep improving. The supercar series heads to bathurst for the 1000 kilometer race does knowing that venk is burgundy can not be beaten for the championship, allow a different approach or reduce the pressure on him to attack the race. Good. I'm relaxed about it now. I can have a couple of days to let this soak in and then focus on bathurst. And I think probably the most relieved guys Garth like it's tough for the co drivers they haven't done enough miles really any of them, so for him to just go and just do his own prep and just build up as he goes and then even in the race, he can get more comfortable and focus on winning. Yeah. And for us, we're not going to have to strategize around staying out of trouble and we just go in there, purely for the race one with both cars. And it'll be more intense, probably. Going for the win outright,.

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