How Do We Wake Up Manhood? Sydney Watson Explains


How do we go from the intellectual movement of the Jordan petersons to just the roar rediscovery and putting the defibrillator on the body of manhood to waking it up again? Well, I think first you've got to remove the constraints that are on men. So for example, let's say that you see a pretty girl. Let's say that you are not married for a second and you see a beautiful woman at the bar and you want to go and talk to her and you want to you want to take this woman on a date. There is a chance that she's going to turn around and be like, oh, stop sexually harassing me. And so if every time you try to do something that feels right and masculine and that's associated with your manhood to you, you go to try and execute that in real life and you're shot down for it. What you're going to get to a point where you just go, I'm not even going to do that. If everything that's associated with manhood and by the way, how much people play into these stereotypes, I don't know, but let's just say that you love hunting or I don't know, you love fishing or digging holes in the backyard. I assume men do clothes. I don't know. And every time you go to do these things, it's as if you're getting you're getting kicked in the face for it or told that you're a murderer or whatever the case is, you're not going to want to do those things. So I think that's a big factors removing those constraints on men feeling so hyper aware of their own behavior, particularly towards women that they don't do anything. It's almost like analysis paralysis. And then another factor is that a lot of men don't have strong men in their lives. So if it's like a trickle down effect where your dad isn't in the picture or he's not very strong and then you're born and you have nothing to emulate or nobody to look up to, your behavior is probably not going to be that strong unless you're this hyper masculine dude from the outset, which probably won't be the case. And then you have children and just a trickle on thing where you end up with baby children who scream at women in studios. So I think that's another factor and then the last one is that said that if you consider that in our western culture and this has been pointed out to me and I think this is interesting, although I'm not entirely sure what I think I'd be keen to hear what you have to say. We don't have like a Rite of passage for boyhood into manhood. A lot of other cultures do, and they make you do some really, really intense things to make that passage, but western culture doesn't really have that. I'd be interested to hear if you think it's necessary. I'm not sure if it is. Or if it would be a benefit, but I think that maybe even that mental shift from I'm a boy to a man, maybe would make a difference for a lot of men.

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