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Nine fifty w w j the, lions are getting it together. For the regular season early next month and this week's preseason finale. Yeah you want you wanna play you wanna play. While you wanna move the offense. On the field that's obviously you want to win the game quarterbacks that's how you get judged often but right now it's kind of trying to do. The best. I can today so I can prepare well and then hopefully that takes. Care of itself that's QB Jake reduc Amir. Abdullah, was. Asked if, he thinks he'll make the team all right now mama said is on tomorrow You know getting things. Even more broken down and focusing narrow down on. On Cleveland I'm not really here. To say I'll be on a roster of not because right not best out of my control and that's something that's next week control the future Dan. As to. Golden Tate in the contract negotiations first and foremost on put the team. I and and, give them my best effort In order for us, to win so I'm just lead knows those people figured out above my, pay grade to try to figure it out head. Coach Matt Patricia says the lions are trying to do something to, get some production out of the. Defensive line signing, veteran defensive end Robert errors who'd had two sacks last. Year and twelve games with, Tampa the lions, will take on the Browns at seven o'clock Thursday night down. At Ford field than the regular season, kicks off Monday, September ninth against the jets. Elsewhere in, the NFL it's a five year extension, with the giants for Odell Beckham junior golden Tate says good. For him I, like saying I like as a receiver s that's my position obviously so. I gets me excited but you know the guys who've got paid off season are, big time players I love seeing, those guys get paid and quite frankly I hope, everybody gets paid I mean this is a tough game to play and it's a tough game to play for a long time so To hear about. That deal I'm, excited Beckham we'll get sixty five million dollars in guaranteed. Money making him the highest, paid in the league the Tigers took a day off their over in KC..

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