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Urged her failings of shield maidens to hold firm as the Denver Cavalry charged them at full speed. She could see the lengthy line of sheets to her left enter right forming an impenetrable wall. Defend off the first attempt by their enemies to shatter there will. She also shouted words of encouragement to archers to focus their attention on the imminent task. NAGAS hardship Ilian half human creatures, writing mutant horses covered in Boynton plus Jones and cancerous tumors. He snarled as they waved their weapons in the air. They will cream tunics on the copper colored scale. Then adornments add to the sense of dread developed in the heart of their enemies, s Tundras, roofs of their steeds tore apart the silence of the night. murderously fast approach was akin to the quick seventeen movement of deadly snake. Commanded an office to rain death on the NOGGIN writers when they were in range of their bows. Arrows found homes in the heads and torsos of hundreds of Nagase and their steeds. And the booed crumpled to the floor painfully. They were then won over by fellow riders. Sometimes the down Nagas brought down their comrades. Who wrote right behind them? The site of the Feld enemies pleased rare. Again shred shouted. Moonlight Lind the muscular. Of the upset archers, as they drew their boss, and unleashed more debt into the center of the battlefield. The Naga Cavalry which survived the opening bullies of Arrow tax smashed into the failings of upset or shields with mixed results. Some found themselves at the thrusting end of spears. Some steeds broke the legs against the ball of metal and booed and the naming animals through the writers onto the ground. Where they've brutalized with the frenzy, this hold old of blades and spear tips. Some, Naga riders broke through the deadly barrier. They've trampled upset her. She'll maidens and sore barriers, and hacked their heads clean from their shoulders, as they waited deeper into the forward ranks of the David Army. A select group of Nagas had dilan ability to spray poison from their saliva glands. The hissed as they sprayed toxic venom into the eyes of their. And Yorkshire attackers. Some Davis soldiers were lucky to escape the deadliest pray as the battle Helms buffered them against it. Others were blinded instantly as the acidic fluid burned into that is. The last thing they saw before being blinded, was the kneeling forms of Nagas their Lipton's now scaly skin, toxic fangs, and they're yellow eyes with slit pupils, which moved madly about in their sockets with kill lust. The NAGAS who had successfully pulled off these blinding attacks chop that the heads of their screaming enemies with Glee. Bath. The Donovan Cavalry was feeling invincible when the giant mazes of Yuck chess oranges smashed into them, and through them their steeds into the deadly arms of upset assault bearers and shield maidens..

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