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To this stupid thing. This is a wells cast with the walls atoms iheartradio podcast your host. Bagwell's atoms excited for guest today. The you know him you love him. He served up the beach in but see every summer on bachelor in on ABC. Monday and Tuesday night sophie. That happens this year but who the hell knows you also might know him from. Not Capturing the love of Joe Joe Fletcher on season. Twelve of the bachelor add. Welcome to the podcast me. Thanks for having me over the top in terms of an intro but all right appreciate you how are you doing? I'm doing great. Well thanks for asking. I don't know anyone explain the show to you but basically I've upset. This is what I always say so. We don't no ours it's true basically. I'm obsessed with the origin stories of people and how they became famous. Like how the. Hell did you get that blue checkmark Andre instagram account. Tell us the steps that you took to get from nowhere to hear all right. Who's a late spring night and I emerged from my mother's Vagina at seven forty five pm? Seven pounds seven ounces yet anyways Numb as born in Monterey California which is where they film big little lies it used to be a claim to fame was the was the aquarium in Monterey California and like golf courses in Pebble Beach and stuff. But now it's just where reese witherspoon hangs out and films big little lies which by the way just so everyone knows that shows filming. Carmel which is a part of Monterey affect the town over from Monterey but it's not filled in Monterey okay so it should be called the Carmel Killers not the Monterey five just stunned that born Monterrey and listen. I wish I had some cool story to tell you about how I thought and clawed my way through and this rags-to-riches story which is not true. If you've ever been to moderates its rich people town so it just is what it is. I came from an affluent family. My father's a Obgyn so we were really well off on the youngest of five kids. I guess that's why I kind of do what I do. 'cause I was always fighting to get a word in edgewise. You know like an always always trying to impress my older siblings. I'm by the way the youngest by a lot. Everyone in my family is like two years apart. And then there's a huge six year age gap. My mother will sales surprise. My father will just straight up. Be Like you're a mistake for many reasons but also he's an Obgyn. So what are you doing dude? That's your one. Job is to know like menstrual cycles. And when your wife May or may not be like obviously. And that's your one that in like PAP SMEARS PAP SMEAR PAP SMEAR. Whatever those jobs and infertility and stuff. He specialized in infertility. You think he would also know a thing or two about facility but now so adams bro. You got a disappointment. Do you understand how hard it is for my father to understand. What the Hell it is that I do for a living. A Guy who went to med school. You go to college after college kid. Do you got a job at A. Lotta you go into the big company that yeah working up when you do you tell jokes on the Radio. They pay you thirty thousand dollars. You shouldn't do that stupid so anyways I always had this rags-to-riches story that I don't i. I came from a nice family. I'm very close with all my siblings. I've Zoom facetime with them the multiple times during this quarantine weird name grown up all right. My Name's wells Hey that name during up. It immediately made me different here. My best friends growing up names. Okay Ryan Paul Alex Matt. Another Alex and wells. I'm immediately the weird kid. Everyone's normal and then there's what is your name. The plural form of a deep hole in the ground used for fetching water. Oh how does your parents smoke way too much? Apparently actually none. They're conservative It's one of those things. If like I hated growing up and then like I love it now makes me. I'm different just off the right off the bat. I'm not like everybody else and that's awesome. I love it is funny. My name like spiked in popularity after the bachelor at an patron paradise and I've labile that reach out to me being like. Hey Man we're thinking about we really like your name. We were thinking about naming kid wells but he think dude I love that a hated growing up because it made me different and I love it now that I'm older because it made me different. You know twenty ways super story so well. What was your childhood like? My childhood was totally freaking normal dude. I played sports. I was Goof Ball. I built forts mean Ryan Policy. Got A polaroid camera once and we took pictures over butts. We pulled her pants down and moon the camera and took pictures. And then we put those pictures into a but we took the pictures and we put it in a ziplock bag and then we built it we. We dug a hole rubber the fort and we buried the pictures could be thought for sure. Our parents were gonNA grounds for doing that. They probably would actually. They probably shouldn't accept so weird. But that's what you do when you're like eleven years do weird stuff. I just normal childhood also like growing up late eighties early nineties. We built a tree Ford. I'm not I'm not kidding. You we built tree for. That was at least one hundred feet high and guess who built it. I me and my siblings built it. Not Contractors that know anything about wood and nails and levels and stabilization. My parents were like yeah. Doing everyone do go bill for it. I don't care we built this thing. It went so high up in the air. The it was so dump dude we had a four and then from the four we had a balanced and this is no joke with a balance beam. They had to walk across over to the to a tree. So right off the bat. That's like a ten foot off the ground balance. Beam treat once you get to the tree then you lift yourself up alleged there on that. Ledge. That's where we had our ZIP line down about maybe twenty five yards that ended in a tree. Okay so what did we do? We got a comforter and we wrap the comforter around the tree so when we smacked our faces directly in the tree would didn't die. Okay we also from that point. We took A. This is not a joke. We took what is called a curtain rod and we nailed it into a tree branch and we use that as the fire escape. Poll I just remembered hammerings males in there as possible just so we'd hope it would and got a rope and we tied the rope around the nails in the tree so like if the nails broke through the rope. Might hold it up okay. So if you didn't take the ZIP line down you go up to the next level which was so wonky all right. That was just like plywood by this time. You're like forty feet in the air. Okay and it was just like plywood that was just like no man and then you go a little bit higher to around sixty feet sixty five feet. Now they're level and then wade the top of the tree of a pine tree in Monterey California we had the quote unquote lookouts nast. And this is how we didn't live anywhere near the beach. Probably like a fifteen minute drive down to the beach. We built a crow's nest of there all right at least one hundred feet tall that you could see the ocean from and our parents were like whatever now. I see my sister their kids and they can't go anywhere. The fact that I'm not dead is beautiful. Wow I've done twenty three minutes on and I haven't even gotten analytic middle school. Okay all right so then what happened. a normal kid as like a preppy kid. I went to private Catholic school and then I went to a an all boys Catholic school for High School. And that's IT I mean I. I ended up liking it but is sucked the beginning. So hard okay. 'cause I didn't know anybody there's a lot of like macho dudes it was the fucking Bachelorette all over again but I so it was the Bachelorette before the veterans and it was known for a sports and I was a good athlete. Everyone was just so like going through puberty. And I wasn't and so I just had to be funny and witty and like make you like that way as a little bit by Nick Tribunal was such a boy to me Neutrino. You're stuck you're right. We're friends now and I do love him but he was such a to me. Why would you believe he drove the most bully car? In the world he drove a lifted. Bright Yellow Yukon. If that's not the biggest bully car you've ever heard of you don't know bullies and I'm not talking about like lifted three inches. It was a good fifteen inch lift because his dad was a mechanic or something and like they did it together or like. I don't even know anyway. Nick Green Love you to death now but you are addicted. Here's the deal. All my other friends. They went to the rich kid. Prep School in Hell. Beach called rls. And by the way I went there because I was so stupid and I couldn't get into the nice prep school just so everyone knows I went to the all boys high school. 'cause you boys dumb but all my friends went to the ninth. Prep school and so I was like really friends with all those people over there and over there at that school Robert Louis Stevenson. Rls They had radio class. That's how rich that school was. They had an actual class. They taught people how to do the radio and they had an actual live. Radio stations shared time with the BBC. So you could do a radio show like in the morning or the night or on the weekends and then the other time it was the BBC and it was called Radio Stevenson KS bb. Ninety one point nine still remember the call letters still remember the Dow position know everything about it and my buddy Al Sprint and Paul Hewish and Jin Linzie they all have their own radio shows and I would go on. Watch them do it. This is the dope thing in the world. Why can't I do this? I want to do this so I begged my my buddy Alex to let me be on his radio show and we did a show on Sunday nights and basically what we would do is it was. It was my buddy Alex Brandt myself. It was my buddy Ryan and the nobody man and we all had different. We had rained so alex had a huge no so we called him to Sam so mean but a high school kids. Whatever and I was POPs Murph. I don't know that's why I came up with my Buddy Ryan Pelacchi. Who's the most Sicilian guy ever? He was walk which he's royal because we call him a wop because we are so racist then but he thought it was funny. I how do we do this? And then my Buddy Matt. He was the polar bear because he was so Pale. White that we call them polar bear because he looked up. He looks like a bullet. He looked like the CO Christmas commercials. Okay that'll be and he still looks like that by the way so yeah we would do a radio show every Sunday night and we would like have bans on and we interview them and we would like put on twelve minute fish songs and go out in the back and like smoke cigarettes and drink and stuff like a Catholic thought that we got away with as a crazy one bit. I do remember which I thought was so funny and like looking back. I can't believe that we did this. But my buddy matt he got caught drinking or something so he was grounded for like three months and so he was not going to the show. This poor guy by the way we would call his house and try to get him on the show and we would try to trick as parents. We one time called. His parents and I told him that I was the dean of Notre Dame he wanted to Notre Dame I was the dean of Notre Dame and I had some really exciting news about his admissions and I needed to talk to Matt and his parents were so excited. So excited the dean of Notre Dame was calling and we got mad on and he was so excited and then it was us. Oh no he's only on the radio show and he applauded Notre Dame and didn't get in. Oh my God ended up being fined point number so I did a radio show in high school. So then. Here's what happens. That realized I really liked that. That was fun. I come from this big family right so my father made a rule that we all had to leave the state of California to go to college. All my siblings would a school in the south on my segment of vanderbilt was so hard to get into. It's like they call it. I couldn't get in. There are on the South. I looked at SMU. I looked at old miss. You could call Charleston and I ended up going to old miss one because the girls there were so hot. And why are you an eighteen year? Old Kid choose what college he's GonNa go to is so dumb because of course you're GonNa make the terrible decisions of there's seventeen hot girls to use. All you know thirty eight today. The dumbest leading eighteen year old kid. Decide that stuff but anyway I. I really liked old mess there. It was cool. Because Eli Manning was the quarterback there. Pete Manning's brother and so it was in the SEC and there's like football games and hot chicks and the south seemed cool me and they had a really good journalism department. Well we'll give you that claim to fame was at Shepard. Smith came from old miss and the time parents love Foxton. They still functions. But they were like off. Shepard Smith went to school here and they had a radio station..

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