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Prevent him getting a nuclear weapon the only option left is really focusing on pressure and especially pressuring chinese bank that support naples kimber she immigration started to take steps in this direction last week sanctions on chinese and russian firms are good start but i believe we can do much more i know we can do much more including issuing top biased against chinese bank sauteed north korean financial transactions i believe there's much more we can do to get worked at maximum financial pressure what the same time in continuing to increase our military cooperation with our allies of the japanese in the south koreans in particular engineering deploys many assets as we have available to us through that area of the world although we have two destroyers aged class destroyers that are now out of commission because it collided with commercial vessels which is incredibly troubling and i know i'm approaching record on your program it all comes back to rebuilding the military and getting to create a 55 ship nate and the other things we need to do other capabilities that we can't of loyd in order are ilie including our ability to shoot one of these missiles out of the air the next time out there but you made all gets back to that and yet or presence in order precisely to respond to crises there is a bloomberg news story this morning by anthony ca patio and rock senator on that says that the pentagon faces a sixty five billion dollar and cut unless we get some kind of a relief from the budget control act you did pasture six hundred fourteen billion dollar bill uh but the budget control act is still there mandating cuts of nine to ten percent in midjanuary matt as the secdef says you can't operate this way as stopgap continuing resolution doesn't let anything work does that does that get fixed congress we gotta fix it madison or more damage to our military that any enemy in the field could have hope to do this group of us in the house saw led by turner a subcommittee chairman offer tackle aaron land who are trying to bring this issue to the floor my hope is that congressional house leadership will support at another some questions on action time inc but plumbing now i mean how much more evidence do we need.

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