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You are. I hope it's filled with mirth and song and cookies and family and friends and a dog and all that kind of stuff here in studio, sixty six were overflowing with festivities in jolly nece and so on and so forth and not just because it's the holidays, but because week sixteen is fast approaching here seated to my immediate left. My my main man from from the East Bay, man. I don't know where that came from that just kind of fell out of me there. I don't know. I was just going with it. I guess I'll catch it and hold it. That's all you know, all it's all like improv like MVP behind the glass. That's her thing. Like, I'm using. What do you mean you've done some of that than I could see you doing that? Actually, by the way. It's MAURICE Jones, drew everybody. That's who I meant to say. Hello, happy holidays. We haven't the time for for song right now. Now, we are playing other songs anyway, MAURICE you've done a little improv. I've done. A little bit. It's been fun. I, you know, I it was just me and my buddies doing it like we go out on trips and stuff boy strips like we do improv. But it wasn't like improv improv. But then actually did improv improv, and I found out there was nothing different. And VP. Do you think based on your professional experience that MAURICE of all the players that work at the NFL is the number one. I yeah, varies his great. Is that because Maurice's the only one who can hear you right now. Definitely. I thought. Yes. And guy you'll go with anything you've got to be able to go with the flow. He's a yes. And that's right. I'm comfortable being uncomfortable. That makes it it makes perfect sense to me. I know exactly how that how that that's all ancient in your brain goes or in your heart or whatever. Anyway, MAURICE by the way, go back and listen, great first podcast this week with Meena from ESPN, gray and a kind. She's a nominal. She really is. Yeah. I love her. I love her work on the highly questionable. Yes. We talked about that. Do you think I looked like Dan lebatardshow? A lot of people say, I do know now, not even close. I don't know what you act like I'm asking for a cop. Like, I don't think he's like know. I just don't they don't look nothing like each other brunette hair. I guess the Rams don't look like the Rams or at least the Rams of September and October and much of November. What gives here, you know? Watching the games you're seeing a lot of interior pressure. You're seeing Jared Goff. Not be comfortable. And I've seen coached McVeigh try to switch his scheme up a little bit. But this is that time of the year. We always talk about it where you have to run the football. And you have to be a physical team scoring points. Really doesn't matter in this situation. That's only matters in September and October. Once you get to after thanksgiving. It's about finishing games in ending games. Quickly right now you saw the Chicago Bears. Do that to the Los Angeles. Rams you Philadelphia Eagles ran the ball out him. So those are things that they have to try to fix and work on. I've always been I've always had questions of why not carry a fullback on your roster because at times like this. And that's something that they're starting to see like it's starting to happen where they have to start running the ball a little bit more. And when you have a full fullback allows you to to be able to run through some of these loaded boxes. So we'll see how they do. I know ties been got banged up a little bit. But you know, spoke with him. And he says, you know, it's just something he'll he's working through and his late in the everyone's banged up. So. I'm excited to see what they do the next couple of games 'cause you have to win these next to to get that by which they really need their team has beat up a little bit right now. And you know that this is part of the year. So you wanna hill up and and keep those games at home..

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