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But with us beyond the headlines now, this morning's Mike Gavin is here with a look at some of the other stories you'll be talking about this morning. Good morning while you can't fall police for asking. But I'm not sure their phone is going to be ringing off the hook with volunteers on this one a thirties in grand haven. Michigan are asking for the return of over thirty thousand dollars in cash that spread across the highway when it fell from the back of a man's truck. They say the cash was in a cardboard box, which the driver accidentally left on his bumper causing it to spill out all over the roadway, creating quite the disturbance as you might imagine police say they were able to recover around twenty five hundred dollars of the cash at the scene and another four thousand dollars or so was turned in over the weekend. But that still leaves a considerable amount still out there anyone sitting on that cash is asked to Kern it over to the grand haven department of public safety. Not limited scribbled down their address and throw that into Google maps. You bring over the five hundred bucks. I found this out something teleworking if you did take that money and getting. In your car quickly and drive home with that. You didn't just kinda you'll put it away. You didn't put in the Bank. You didn't put it in a little lock boxer on your pillow, or whatever you probably spent that pretty quickly. Yeah. I'm guessing. Now, of course, the fear is that they have some kind of cameras at highway and capacity track you down. But it doesn't seem like these people were that worried about that. I was gonna say could you bluff and say, you know, we have video from the truck right in which a handful of cars and people's faces were captured. Yes, per perhaps right now, they're asking nicely. Yeah. Then they're putting that out there. Maybe a week from now the put out another one book, we know you have the money. We're just waiting for you to turn it in. So we don't have to come get you just just to back up a second. He'll thirty grand in cash in a cardboard box that he placed on the bumper on the on the bumper. And then drove away accidentally, of course. Yes. Yeah. Thirty grand that a cardboard box. You'll know much about this guy. We should probably be looking at him. And find out why he had all his cash in a cardboard box. And you know, I was out last week, Gordon, but we would be remiss if we didn't follow up on one of the more fascinating stories of the spring so far. Remember, we've been telling you about Dell hall the Ohio army vet who gave up everything for lent except for beer. He said he was inspired by a practice by monks living in the sixteen hundreds hall who works for a craft beer company documented his journey on social media. Posting daily updates on his weight loss, which as it turns out was considerable hall says he lost forty four pounds over the course of the season. And he's now ready to resume eating solid foods, but will continue to. Against obesity. He says after checking with a doctor, his blood pressure and cholesterol have also improved and is convinced that craft beer is more nutritious than the standard American diet while now, of course, he is a craft beer salesman. I believe trade. So of course, he's going to say something like that. But he says doctors say he's he's doing much much better anything, you know, most of us are just eat junk all the time and fast food, whenever they actually drinking beer is going to be better for you. Totally lost forty four pounds during l'ennemi. That's almost a pound a day. Yes. That's pretty impressed. Now, I try to serve a modified version of this while I was in Ireland is just say s we, but unfortunately, I didn't really stick to it. Like, he did I did basically half beer and then half like bangers and math. Yeah. And shepherd's pie and fishing chips. And I don't think I'm gonna have quite the same level of weight loss. So that he did. In fact, I'm kind of scared to get on the scale today because I think traditionally in vacation mode. Yeah. You town on the beers. And then get the hot graded. So you're hungry eating and reverse. So you're having those bangers and mash like eleven o'clock at night, then going to bed in disastrous. Anyway, so how was Ireland fantastic little chilly. But fantastic. Yes. DCSS setting up a remote broadcast from there anytime, you know. We'll I'll call the boss today. Whole guinness. We face that basement. We can get some spot beside the would would kegs next Mike thirteen minutes in front of the hour on this morning. America's First News. I'm Angela fire for toys of party city. I two little girls, I'm working on that women can work and still be mom. They think actually I'm kind of cool because I always what am I working for? I'm working to make kids happy. There's really no better feeling than that ADP. We're designing a better way to work. So you can achieve what you're.

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