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Morning there Jeff yeah that deadline being five o'clock later on this afternoon for them to answer and of course anyone who's been following this is has been quite the saga back and forth Major League Baseball and the players union have been negotiating for months and now league executives say they will force feed the players a sixty game season now the players union has until five o'clock tonight or this afternoon like we mentioned to respond to what what's on the table they have to accept two things one is to agree to start another round of spring training by July first and second agreed to help the industry few protocols with everything that's going on with covert nineteen it's also all about the money the players have already agreed to pro rated salaries but try to drain through a sliding scale that would have cost the owners two hundred seventy five million dollars more even with the deal this by no means is over the players union and the league are headed for a cliff when the current collective bargaining agreement is over at the end of next season and Jeff still no guarantee that got a CS by five o'clock and you know we're just spectators and this is all given me a headache all my goodness man all right so baseball could be back at Fenway Park with no crowds by the end of July but still it's baseball going out to eat what a treat these days here in Massachusetts but in the age of coronavirus we do have an appreciation of the little things right for the first time in months restaurant doors are open and welcoming customers inside with strict health and safety protocols in place WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe makes a pit stop in Quincy to find out how things are going tables are six feet apart at both.

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