Jack Posobiec Joins Andrew to Dissect This Disastrous Ukraine Aid Bill


We just got through with Ukraine, a man who has a lot of thoughts on Ukraine. I'm sure, is Jack besovic, human events daily, Jack welcome back to the Charlie Kirk show. Andrew, thank you so much for having me on. Jack, I sort of teased you in a false way there because we can get to Ukraine. And maybe we'll get that in segment too, because I know. We can talk about the America last spending bill that was just pushed forward by 70%. 70%, 149 of two 11 in the house GOP voted for this thing. The last launch into it. Launch into give me your take. Well, I don't usually quote Tupac, but I might have to drop a few bars because Tupac, I think, famously said, you know, they got money for wars, but they can't feed the poor, right? And we're in that situation right now where literally I've got friends with newborns that newborns or babies, and they can't find baby formula. They're like, you got grandma's circling, you know, hitting up targets and walmarts across the Midwest across Pennsylvania. And we can't feed our own children. We can't prevent incursions on our own southern border. But we're going to spend 40 billion of your dollars and send it overseas to a war in Eurasia where there is no American direct national interest. That's your government. Right. That's exactly right. That's a miracle last. And it's a bipartisan consensus, which is the most infuriating

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