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By Tub Cove, bathroom and shower, remodel. Thank you for joining us. I'm Rick Fan sites are editor Jeremy Greater Kelly Blair is our technical director and ELISA Jaffe. With a day off in the headlines more than 128,000. People are now fighting coronavirus alone in the hospital. It is the highest count yet of the pandemic. With 3000 new patients admitted since New Year's Day. Arizona has the most, followed by Nevada, Alabama and California. King County plans to buy as many as a dozen hotels to permanently house hundreds of homeless people and provide them with services. The initiative is called Health through housing. It uses revenue from a 0.1% sales tax increase. The county hopes to eventually house 45% of its chronically homeless population. Every still living former secretary of defense has come together for a common cause. Convincing President Trump to give up his fight against the results of the election. All 10 have issued a warning in a Washington Post op ed and the post Dan Land. Both talked about it with Cuomo's time out letters. So what was the overall message and tone of this letter? I think, cautionary and and warning would be the operative words. This is a collective group of people that do not see eye to eye on many issues, including people like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld on the conservative end, and Obama's defense secretary is on the other. Notably also includes Jim Mattis, the retired Marine general who was Trump's first defense secretary, and Marc Caspar, the most recent confirmed defense secretary. We, of course, have Enacting defense secretary in the role following as perspiring after the election. Yeah, you mentioned those names. That's AH, pretty widespread and diverse list help us to understand the timeline to this letter when it was published, had the news about his call. To Brad Ruppersberger in Georgia broken yet, Uh, be op Ed had already been in the works for several days. S so easily was coincidental in terms of these two things coming out very close together. Running this down Eric Edelman, who has worked for both Republicans and Democrats, and was a staff member for Dick Cheney in the Pentagon years ago. Apparently had a conversation with Dick Cheney, where they started talking about what was appropriate. They both had concerns about how the military might be pulled into contesting or protest in the election. Cheney basically said, Hey, I think we should consider broadening this out on within a few days they had every living defense secretary who has been confirmed by the Senate. Going back to the 19 seventies in terms of surviving defense secretaries all signed on Dan Lamont's with The Washington Post with us Now you mention the military has the president explicitly said he would try to use the military to try and stay in office or to overturn these results. I think the concern is largely in light of saying that the president has done over the last calendar year. Which includes thousands of National Guardsmen in DC in June in the middle of the George Ford protests. Body includes openly flirting with invoking Means Direction Act, which would have put active duty troops on the streets and also the use of unmarked law enforcement. Federal law enforcement. In places like Portland, Dan the moth and Washington post dot com and that's come most. Tom Butler, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries have agreed to end their blockade of neighboring cutter, ending a nearly four year old dispute with an agreement that senior Trump Administration officials help negotiate. We have a B C's counter Finnegan on the star President. Trump once helped stoke this dispute between America's Arab partners. Even claiming credit for the blockade in 2017, but now his son in law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is expected to lead a delegation to Saudi Arabia to join a signing ceremony Tuesday. The river ends with both sides backing down. U. S. Officials have long urged talks warning of damage to national security counter for Negan. ABC NEWS Washington Now Jim Tesco with your coma, propel insurance money update..

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