Tass, TOM, Vince discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 58: Paul Heyman in the WWE


Uh and the documentary uh they talked about the influence that paul had over tass and michael cole who were at the tom doing commentary for spike down and they talked about how they would do over sessions that would last you know three four five six hours whenever paul was there micromanaging did you hear any horror stories i think it's kinda funny that we always hear that vince was brutal to the commentators we don't necessarily hear that about paul heyman that much but this seems like a re dickey lesmana pariah it was a ridiculous amount of prep a specially in the in the voice over uh sessions y'all paul would like trimbe flex its muscles in that would only be like when kevin dunne wasn't there or vince wasn't there so he would try and you know spread his wings and flex its muscles i am in charge here sir inches feed them just he tried to be vents bright he tried to be vents and the guys had already done a voice over an aid that they really needed cleanup they didn't need to do complete re boyce overs some of those sessions were brutal and eventually paul was removed from from that talk to me about um eastern story once off fair about paul's like interview style with new hires and how wants those may maybe an audition in a voice over booth can you catch us up on that score you know when most people go for a job interview you're you're you're interviewed by your potential superiors who's going to be your boston in what have you and everybody when they would come in to interview for a job on the creative team they would be interviewed by the room.

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