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Why don't remember writing them Recording them or touring with him. And leave and I wasn't blacked out I just erased it. How many years was that was a period of time right in the late seventies early eighties when literally and they were good albums I'd listen to go ask great. I. Don't remember writing that song unbelievable and that's something you know and now our fans. Love those albums because they were tortured albums. They were the ones where I was writing about this stuff and I was gone on cocaine or it was gone on this and this, and the songs were so unique. Didn't sound like anything on love it to death or killer or billion dollar babies schools out it was this artist is insane. But let's delve into this insane mind and see what's going on and some of the stuff was great. And now I listened to a what was I thinking You know where it was. But. I can look at those albums I still appreciate the yeah but I have no idea where I was at during that. Yeah, you know. Look into my nightmare was was something that I. Loved I was so immersed in that album because it was so thick and rich and full of stuff but I wasn't in trouble then mentally yeah. I'm so glad you've come through and you're just you know your recollection and your stories and just the life in new is just it's so wonderful that you're here continuing to make great music and thanking an impact and and especially considering the fact that you're not ashamed to say to anyone that wants to know that you believe in Jesus Christ. Absolutely. You know people talk about speaking rebel there was never a rebel more of a rebel and Jesus, Christ. Through he was the ultimate rebel he went against buddy. And took and took it. You know but. You know you wanNA talk about a rebel he was the ultimate. That's right. Once, you realize that. That Alice's character. Off. and. That's another world over here. Here's here's the world of Alice Cooper. And so I'm not touring right now. So I'm over here. I'm in solid rock right now. So this is the world I'm in right now and solid rock tomorrow was a big tournament and this and that. People have to remind me malice cooper. Because I totally forget about it. But. In a couple of months I'm going to be back over here. Again you know. I don't take any of its seriously. I take the music seriously I take the show seriously I don't take the hype seriously. Yeah. I am way past that. You know. I respect Alyssa character and I love the characters funniest. My favorite Rockstar. Because I we even talk about him in Third Person Yeah I noticed that. Yeah. We say you know what should elsewhere here. I think Allie should wear that. You know or we'd say it right here is where you should do this and this and this, and I go. I don't think Alice would say that you know that song that a song he would. He would do this song. Yeah. So He's Totally divorced for me. I don't think like when I'm on stage, I? Think like. Alice. And that's a different thing you know. But again with the career in all the stuff. For one thing I'm Christian. You know and. If you were GONNA put what's important in my life? Alice Cooper would be somewhere around shift their six place..

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