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Bolger on will the arguing with modern here's the martorana without monterey knows information a lot of the murders would have gone unsolved whitey never would have been charged in the families never would have gotten close families never got closure dan will i understand this should never be closer but that phrase which i don't believe in either but they would not have found the bodies tinian beach they would have not have found they would've not known the sake even further because i in my book i have an remembrance of and it's elizabeth dixon and the the young man that was killed with her bennett i believe is his name the two teenagers that martorana killed those families never got closure because he served less than six months for each of their cold blooded murders into this day he lies about them that you know he didn't know that that was a girl he didn't know that they were younger the autopsy reports go totally against what he claims happened in that carves the young black yes there's no closure for george appreciate your call euler mueller i mean i've just i've i've pronounced that correctly and i will continue to pronounce it correctly i'm sorry for that stumbled janet euler the truth be damned back on nightside right after this an extraordinary story nightside with dan ray on wbz newsradio ten thirty i'm mike capital which is worse starting a business in cold wet basement of a factory or running payroll.

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