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I know nine and a half weeks came up in your erotic honesty but I can be sexy gone. I've been thinking a lot about this. I wrote about it I think it's an interesting thing about to eleven romance. You haven't had a reduction in years. Thanks for being unionized. Call Extended here you guys. Talk about cigarettes. You diaries wow what a great night. Call Excellent Neikov. Thank you so much. I'm thinking about it now. To what is the last great movie? Sex SCENE MAGIC. Ninety two that even memorable sex scene. That was just high a sexy movie. It's very rare. We get to thrust and frustrates. Usually there's a really bad trend of this. I really associate with Tv show that it would just smash had to like fucking like really aggressive. Like Jackhammer fucking. Which I just thought it was like an uses a punchline man it was like like really explicit fucking but like as as a joke. There's definitely more sex on TV. Yeah there's an IT's more. It's more fun to watch at home just positing but yet movies movies. Maybe are losing ground in the sex scenes competition to you guys have. What is the most recent great sex scene in a movie? I mean that's what I'm trying to think of. How if it's not Magic Horta lady on fire yet. That just is coming out today. I think properly had a small release last year. I heard that's very good. It's good but it's actually not as like the sex has cool like love scenes. But they're not I think of something. That's not a sex scene in that movie more than I think you're like Like an actual like sex act on like just like some cool very romantic moments today. Good kissing like a lot in the horny EST movie. I can think of the recent passes. Probably Phantom thread which doesn't have any sex scenes in it. It's just it's tense is a tension. So Yeah Yeah. It's Horny when I think of the most explicit sex scenes that I've seen recently they are two ways like handmaiden and handmaiden honeywood sexy. And that's probably the last thing. I can think of and Louis Collartoo too but both men. I love Hanmi. Yeah a great movie. But I think that the sex scenes do kind of year and I think very purposely. Sorry very like frame male gaze like made to be like they do just come off as like objects like like would glock kind of A. Yeah yeah then. We'll get to this later when we talk about. Today's feature the hunger a sexy lesbian sex scene. But Yeah I feel like most of the sex scenes are in comedies in movies that I can think of and they are generally like jokes like played for a joke. Yeah seems like a problem. We're here to remedy. I call a reboot the erotic thriller. Yeah what about like in the boy next door a movie? I haven't seen movie. Industry Sin Attempt to reboot the erotic thriller. Haven't seen it either. Jennifer Lopez has sex with like the boy next door just watched which I totally enjoyed his. What lies beneath. Oh what lies beneath is so good never seen it and I totally enjoyed it. I like that was like a hot kind of a hot movie Yeah but it was funny too because there's like a whole part where they're supposed to be like oh like their old fuddy duddy trying to have sex in this long marriage but it's like Harrison Ford and Michelle. I did nuttiest but biggest innovation in the last ten fifteen years of movies has just been like trying to get the most awkward sex scenes possible onscreen as some kind of active defiance. Maybe that's French extremism it's opposite of friendships him the scene and Greenberg which is like the worst time. There weren't even on a sex scenes in marriage story. That was one of the things I was angry at not know nobody had sex in that movie. They just all talked a lot elaine. Did you see marriage story? I would not see whatever you know about my Blue Valentine theory. No it's the people who see blue. Valentine usually this again scientifically unproven. But I'm really sure that this is true that they break up soon after and then I felt like marriage story was definitely of that genre of the breakout. Your love genre. So I wouldn't see it. I mean the only thing I really know a marriage story is that one clip that was over the Internet the punching the wall which had like a bad representation. I didn't even love the movie. But it's just like that's only works because you've been it for like an hour and a half of that dip straight into I'd it's hard. It had like the exact same energy as my last. Break up me as both caretaker. I really am never gonNa see absolutely no respect that very much. We were mostly anti marriage for a podcast. Our official stance is no. Do you think it's just like American puritanism like why why is this. It does seem or is it just because movies all have to be for babies. Now wait why. There's no good because you never see like superheroes fucking right. I don't think it's 'cause there's show fucking it's just not like good sex actually fat but it is like a kind of Infanta limitation of most movies. I think every like I think that a lot of movies just like owner and I'm talking more about mainstream is about India moves or foreign movies. Obviously but I just don't think that like a lot of movies want to deal with that because they're trying to hit some kind of Nice mainstream thing which I think is different than being puritan. It's more just like trying to be like have all the edges sanded off. Yeah but you can still get plenty of that stuff like you said on. Tv and in the indie foreign stuff mccown got to be in a dark room with strangers. No like I haven't seen uncut gems yet there was no sex Ed- sex. Yeah very cute scene in it. That is like sexy. It's not a sexy. No I mean like definitely. There is a period where you know. Suddenly you could show Saxon movies at the end of the sixties and then it became more and more until the eighties when it was like every movie had to succeed. Which is why that. Wayne's world joke about the sex scene the gratuitous sex scene and then maybe like reached such a point of saturation that it had to go back down or it's just like maybe you're afraid that it'll become kind of I mean you know what okay. This is just a theory. What if it's that? Nobody really wants to have that kind of like sampled into a jeff again. You know what I mean. There's like this weird way that it could be taken as like a kind of just like the imagery lifted and feels. That feels wrong somehow. Yeah I'm calling status. I feel like there's like this show. We've all said like they still show like fucking and movies. There's just no erotic so don't think seduction. Yeah maybe it's like last gasp of Patriarchy like they just want to like only show like those like they don't WanNa show any foreplay or any like tension or any of the things that are like actually erotic just WanNa show like pene you. I mean you could really think like that. No no actually gets anyone off. I think that a lot of people especially very recently are worried about having just like not good environments on such when they shoot sex scenes think it could be like the need to have an intimacy coordinator and everything it just makes it kind of takes away spontaneous. I like this predates thought. It predicts that but I think there's also just a mentality like well. I don't WanNa do anything that ends up being like objectified somebody or or making anybody feel uncomfortable. Bad when they're making that is but then they don't find a way to do it in a way that makes people feel being like let's not try rather than riots. This hard for us is the problem. I also do think that we really lose something. If we don't have softcore soft cores delightful love Sophomore. Everything shot through bring cinemax skin. Maximum your think about this time. Being like one of the core dividers between old millennials and young millennials. Is that like we had the scrambled porn experience. And like they didn't and that joke in American pie like doesn't make any sense anymore but like that itself was the erotic experience was like trying to get the channel to come in for one second at a time like totally furtively. You know people have so much access to everything now. I wonder if it's like like you really had to search stuff out you know yeah as a Ti that can be attorney that can also fill in for instead of the build up and like whatever cinematic thing you could do to make A sexy feel more romantic. It's like if you personally. In the actress seeking it out have to go through all the stuff that weird room in the video store behind the curtain like the coolest place in the world. You know because the curtain says like Oh. You're not supposed to be in here but you are. That was it video stores and I was a little kid regular video stores Qatar Curtain. The adult section of beaded curtain forgotten. That you're like can I go with. I'm a fifteen year old or whatever like we'll somebody on me put on my darkened office. Yeah Lake I feel like some of the streamers two. They took the softcore sections like down off of their offerings. Which I was like that really betrays the ethos of cable to me which is to like have of course action at night. Well we really appreciate the call. This is something that's always on our minds that call if you have a recent movie sex scenes that were missing. 'cause we didn't come up with anything. So how was your favorite recent sex scenes from movies or have your theories ready about why the sex scene has disappeared? Yeah and if you want to Reboot Red Shoe Dire. Yes yeah with us. All wearing like velvet robes by a wonderful is. The BEST IS IN DOLLARS. You.

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