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All of training camp Last season was very. He had kinda hit or miss. You know you have some good games Early on in the season and the steelers kind of abandoned the wrong altogether but he hasn't been available this other training camp. You know they always say your best abilities your availability and he hasn't had that and so when you think about nausea harris and the way that mike tomlin and his offense is like us the running back he wanted to get all the carries until he literally need a break and so far in training camp. It's been anthony mcfarland second-year back to maryland. It's been getting the carry And then you had thrown kaelin balaj. Who's kind of a journeyman. Now is breaking several. Nfl team. he has been playing well. He's been getting rave reviews. Mike tomlin. i'm not sure. How many running backs. They're willing to keep it right now. Then he smells the odd man out into people wanna talk about you know projected yard i. I wouldn't expect much from benny's now if he makes it interesting. Jeff hartmann upon the cart and joining us here on pushing the odds so when you look at the defense obviously tj. Watts had just an incredible star to his nfl career. But who else has flashed here in training. Camp defensively pittsburgh. Well i mean. I think if you're looking at outside linebacker dalek. Highsmith your Last season he came in and looked good spelling depre- end or what he can rush from both sides and now this year everyone expected that big sophomore jump. And that's exactly what he has provided us for now granted. It's a small sample size and it's a preseason but in my opinion you can glean something from the preseason regards to you are dominant. Even if you're going up against the backup you're gonna make them look silly and that's exactly what he's done i think he's going to be an impact player. Everyone thinks you know was out free. How's that going to impact tj wide. I think. Alex is an melvin ingram. Let's not forget about him. He's healthy and looks really good. they're going to be able to counteract you know in in kind of place but the as a combination. I think the pass rush russia's still going to be unbelievable you you figure to it'll be back hayward Lulu upfront you. Throw in devon. Bush is going to be back at inside linebacker. They pick up. Joe schober the secondary look solid outside of the fact that you know steven delton spot is going to be vacated it. They're not sure what they're gonna do their In my hilton spot those spot. They're still in the secondary kind of up for grabs other than that. I think the defense could be better than last year. What concerns you on this roster. What part other than the offensive line is there. Another area that you're concerned about for the steelers. Yeah it's dead opposite corner of joe haden we know. Joe haden is joe haden and opposite him. You have to ask yourself. Who's gonna take that steven nelson role so they signed cam sutton to a two year contract this all season. They like what he brings extremely versatile former dime backer in south packages and now. They're not sure he's going to be the outside. Is he going to move in to the interior for the dime like he typically has. Who's gonna fill a nickel spot like the cornerback position. on i it's it's just a glaring concern right now on the defensive side of the ball i again. It's not so much that i think it's going to be a weakness or an achilles heel for dealers it's just it's just not decided yet and it's going to be one of those camp out. It's gonna go all the way through friday night when they go to carolina. Jeff you mentioned carolina on friday. The steelers are one of the two and the cowboys who will play the traditional or old traditional four preseason games this is number four for them on friday. Any idea what the plan is going to be. They're gonna play anybody of note on friday. I wouldn't be shocked if players like on the offensive line gets more repetitions together Someone exact enter that. I mentioned only played twelfth now in week. Three for the steelers. It's only week to the nfl. Preseason he played twelve snaps. Before coming out i would imagine they want to at least get him a couple here a couple of tries to get him reactivated But other than that. I wouldn't expect to see ben rothlisberger. I wouldn't expect to see a joe haden cam hayward and if it's patrick some of the other ones that have been given off the first two preseason games. I wouldn't expect it mike. Tomlin has been very mum on this. He's not willing to say then is going to be out or ben is going to play. He's he's always saying we're just gonna take a day at a time. You know the coach. So i'm not sure what's going to happen. I wouldn't bank on any starters playing if they do for very long friday night. Jeff the steelers have their bye week seven. Those first six games for the pittsburgh steelers one. How do you feel about in to. What's a realistic number of wins for pittsburgh in the first six with the first day everyone talks about the way this season end. I'm a feeler scheduled rightfully so it's kind of like a murderer fail to me. That just makes the first x that that much more important They have to play the six games. Well i would say that. They have to be foreign to at worst in my opinion after his first six. And that's not easy. It's a tough schedule this year. it it can be four and two at the by fans should be happy and then they should be ready to go for post by But then again steeler fans and he talked to bring off the bye at all. They're gonna talk about twenty twenty and other by got all screwed up because of the titans and they're gonna say well who goes of the by. We'll be so that's true too. But ultimately i think that foreign to three and three would be tough to come back from But you know what it you just never know. I mean i always point to last season with the dallas cowboys. That game in dallas is really going to be you know dak prescott versus dan rothlisburger. Well we know what happens with daqing completely changes so Looking at the schedule. I think that i have to take advantage of it. Baltimore minnesota tennessee. Kansas city cleveland. Baltimore is the last six that you're referencing. That's going to be really really hard if you go. Four and two at the top. How do they end the year in those final six games. Well the way that they've been ending seasons under the mike tomlin regime will ask teams and especially the way twenty twenty ended if they could just be five hundred zero six. I think that most dealers. And let's say you have that i like it. We'll take it and hopefully the rest of the season one good enough. But that's good enough for a playoff spot You know if you get better than five hundred. I think you're your clicking your heels and you're extremely happy but we all understand that fans and it's not going to be easy. That is a really really tough row. To hoe civil. It'd be interesting to see how that plays out. Jeff great stuff. They've coming on really appreciate your time..

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