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Sports desk with Tom Hustler. All right. Yahoo Sports was the first to report an offer from Major League Baseball to the Players Association to move the start of spring training backed by a month. And wait to open the season April 28 rather than April 1st. The delay would reduce the scheduled 154 games rather than 162 reports that the players will turn down the offer. And there's a formal announcement that could be made today. Super Bowl 55 set for Sunday quarterback Patrick the homes of the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs explain why this year's team or at least this year's game. Feels different than last year. It's definitely little different compared to last year last, but at the same time last year when we were here, we were private sometime in the same manner, making sure that we're ready to go. It's probably you probably get a little bit more info because you get a full full another week where you don't have as many obligations as far as going to different places, a media night and everything like that the city favored by three Hardwood version of the Apple Cup. Part one took place last night on Montlake visiting Washington state came in and took care of business is that Kooks beat the Huskies on their home floor. 77 62 snapping a six game losing streak. Isaiah Montagne and Isaac Montagne rather and Noelle Williams led the cooze Noelle Williams, a former owed a star had 21 with Montagne. Putting in 25 points in Washington's women also lost. They were missing three starters in a lopsided 74 48 Setback to number six Stanford sports at 10 40 past each hour. Tom Cutler couple news. Thank you, Tom 5 42 right now we'll check traffic and weather for you coming up. Next meet Ingrid. Fiery spirit carrying Grandma Proud trucker. I've loved more than four million miles. You must try. If people knew what I know lives could be saved. I was driving outside of Ohio when a gentleman stopped suddenly in front of me, but it takes my £80,000 truck 200 yards to stop..

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