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And teachers. For Koven. The stories are coming up in the next 15 minutes prefers. It's 8 15 traffic and weather together of a 10 minutes on the fives. And here is Jennifer your You know your drives into downtown are looking fantastic. The golden State across the Valley floor all the way in the East L A. The 1 70 Does have a little bit of complication. They've been doing it all week, of course in Valley Village to run late flock from Burbank down to Riverside on that south 1 70 north around. So it has the same thing from Magnolia after Burbank, But I don't think it's flowing North Little Florence L found cell for five across the Valley floor looks great as well is just a little bit of flowing around Nordoff and then again from the water, one of the top of the past, but nothing to worry about. Let's go to Desmond. He's got the Southern California torture dealers and jam Cam on the 10 where we briefly had a car fire on the westbound side of the tent. He's headed towards mid city Lay. It's been extinguished. It's along the right hand shoulder. Little tight, though, fromthe 1 10 over towards just about Robertson. Now, with all lanes open eastbound looks like a great riding in downtown L A. All right, and the tennis in San Bernardino Noah out in Ontario, 10 West Central. We got a box truck conk out in the right lane. You got about a mile and 1/2 of slowing down that 10 West The 60 would be a good of working alternate for you. Although you do still have some slowing approaching at a water, you lose Elaine there on the to 10. Westbound looks pretty great, although we have a little pocket of slowing on that westbound to 10 right around Citrus. Our next report at 8 25 more tropical plants more often. I'm Jennifer York, in the Toyota of Gondor, a 24 hour traffic center connects and 17 years radio another hot day ahead for your Monday excessive heat warnings and heat advisories. They've been extended. They're not gonna be with us all the way through Thursday night sometime this afternoon. Is near 80 along the coast near 90 for down down on the base and triple digit.

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