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We are supported by bless. This mess wanted wonderful wonderful coincidence because we are in by trailer at bless this mess right now shooting right now. This is a scene listen. I love this show that I'm on bless this mess. It is premiering September twenty four th Tuesday. It's the breakout hit that's back for season two on ABC B. C. and it's on it eight thirty Pacific seven thirty central of course the beautiful Lake Balas in this show Lennon Parham Dave CAC CNOR Ed Begley Junior Pam greer that lists just wants to what a deep bench It's so funny and as many of you know who watch it. It's basically Lake and we moved from New York City to Nebraska for a simpler life and it's it's much more complicated for us you know or the bumbling city folks in this really cute town of. Buck snort so bless assists mess premieres Tuesday September twenty four th right after the connors on ABC so check it out because this comedy will make you as happy as a pig S. H. I I think you're GONNA love it. Biz someone who studied anthropology.

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