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Then Mike gets a job to replace. Mike Out I don't know man I just felt Mike has nine kids don't care about those kids. Mike has a pregnant but Javier hustling for the every day he's also Lyn Harvey has gone to the Wrong House Mike is a better worker. He needs a job, his wife's ready to push, but you just can't take food. Out of Javier Mouth, what it makes kids do to you why do you hate Mike's kids I don't hate Mike's kids but he doesn't have the GIG yet Havi your has get your take you give us and then you take away you can't do that. The air has a job because he's bored in his father's rich you don't know. These are all hypotheticals if you need a job, you do it well. That's it. You can't. Feel. Bad. If the job shirt. So okay. So you call a sandwich. So I called door dash but I got my shit but I I called door dash right and you're going to say, Hey, look you're fucked up I want credit boom and I'll give me like twenty five dollars. Right I don't know if you know this but even is not even is not even desert but not at the not the at the expense of Javier because he see he's the one that's GonNa get penalized that then here's what you do. You call up and you say, I, live in a building complex that isn't clearly numbered. It's very confusing. It's an honest mistake. But the bottom line is I didn't get my food this way you make it look like, Hey, buddy would've made the mistake. It's not obvious fault but you didn't get the food and you'd like some kind of compensation. There's ways to handle it rather than call up and be like, Oh, here's a piece of Shit motherfucker. Told me he makes mistake all the time you should fire him. That's a different. Couple quicky meals and I wanna hear one of your rants because I haven't heard one in a while. But I did tease family feuds I got to do that. All right and I'll tell you. First of all Kristie Lynn Cantu wrote to us. This is important because we sometimes need to hear these things. She can to she can to yeah, she went to our facebook page of all places to Brooklyn Boys, which is a wasteland, the Brooklyn Boys. At the Brooklyn Boys on facebook well I mean we haven't posted there in a while we gotta do something about our facebook. Yeah. Yeah we do. We got to put some video on there. How about that? Do we video content? I'm having you already put video of your other podcasts would share. On our boys page. Yeah. They start doing that. You know what we're going to get some video and video content on the Brooklyn Boys Page what did you say anyway, science for life from Hot Tub Christie says, she's a size for life from San Antonio. I'm on Episode Episode Ninety Nine, and now worried the closer I get to the current episode. What will I do to pass the time at work I? Love you guys. I am one of the few who only listens to this podcast I have never even heard of the big show. Oh, by the way, she needs it the big show in caps. No. The big show like that's the name of our show other show. It's called. The morning show she does not. Nor do I follow any other social media? It's called Elvis Duran and the morning show Christie and you should check it out. She knows no, she does not. She's calling it the big show if that's the name of the big destination, the show is capital t capital be capitalist I understand how okay I'll have to create a couple. Just, for you guys, social media handles have a blessed day Kristie missing out if you haven't heard from where we're where we come from own the caught, the caught cut from and the reason why we are the insane. Lunatics that we are. So there's that and then. One other one here is somebody with Free Dessert Situation Bradley Martinez writes from Tampa. I went to starbucks last weekend when I got home. I noticed there were coffee grinds on the bottom of my cup about an eighth of an inch thick needless to say I took a picture in email the to starbucks immediately not only are they going to give me my money back on my starbucks APP? But they're also going to send me a starbucks. Gift Card Hashtag even is not even Hashtag free dessert. For. Lice slice for life how `bout that Bradley Martinez. How left his phone number I, put it on the podcast. And All right. Anyway I got a lot of free dessert stories I got A. Family feud or do you WanNa talk about so I wanna I wanna just give a shout out to DJ milly email he sent me a really long. Dj. Milly, all the props, and all the mentions right here. You sent me a huge letter by free dessert I don't have time this episode I promised you a couple of weeks ago and I know you like, Oh, how about this week? How about this week so I'm going to try next week DJ, but I didn't forget about you. So I'm giving shout shout. Shout out. Okay. I did I did the facebook. Dodge. Charger. Rant. Forgive me. We're out of time on on. The second rant was going to do please don't be mad but I'M GONNA. Give you a mini rant about family feud because I told you last week that's rigged. They want people to win and they make it easy for them so. My Mom's house watching family feud again and his family on I remember their names five guys all in suits really fun funny just like Steve Harvey loves them to kind of family you want on the show every week right? You did just fantastic people I said to my mother watched they're going to give them either or questions in the in the bonus round they're gonNA make it so easy for them to win watch. So, here are the questions. Scary name a letter. That looks like your your your your significant others we're end. Shaped like. Women. Were W. W Okay it's either WB right right. Okay. Named something a man. Does to keep busy when he's bored. Watching TV. Right watches TV. Next. One now, his work got really ridiculous. Well, no the Guy said watch porn and there was number one answer. Then the question was named something you need to go water skiing. Water skis right number one answer the other option is boat. There's only two options. So the other guy said skis boat. The next question name something commonly made of Suede. Shoes right and the other guy said, check it check it. Name a type of pitch a pitcher would throw. fastball right. Right that's it. No one's going to say four. slider. Search changeup cut fastball. It's fastball curveball knuckled made it so easy right I want you guys if you watch family feud with Steve Harvey, I'm sure it's been going on for one hundred years the hosts but I want you to watch and if you see a family that you're like, wow, this is a good family watch how they hand them the money they hand it to him because they want them on. Screen. Time because they get to come back the next day they don't. Know what I'm saying they want them to win. I'm saying wanted to know these people are fun. We want them to win. Type of pitch a pitcher would throw scary named something you need to water, ski? It's it's in the question the answers inequality I mean obviously a lake water right but for the most part, it's Bob Boat and water skis. A roast beef sandwich. Yeah. They asked him the letters certain cultures have to bumps. W and be done. Right, right. So I I see what you're saying the either or question there's not an opening. It wasn't like it was like one of was easy. All five of them. Yeah we're very we're very easy questions I. think it was what does the guy watched to kill time? It's like whatever was the answer was obviously now finally And that is stupid and but that's TV tactic of the way for the producers to make the good families win and we we recognize that and we're calling you out family few. Apple podcasts. We've come a long way from the fuck you waves seventy seven brody. A long time ago we were chewing and eating on the microphone because that's what we do is we'll Gov owns and Abe seventy seven gave US A. One Star Review we ever had back in Apple podcasts. Few. So that's why we started the whole few seventy seven because ape seventy seven. It was signed up seventy seven and he gave us one star but he enjoyed the podcast anyway but he's he was an asshole. Okay. Hopefully still with US got since then brody, I.

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