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It's free on cinemax if you subscribe to cinemax which is not a free service but you have it why not watch it there you probably really fuck up cinemax algorithm if you start watching blues brothers two thousand crazy way all right people now it is time for little corrections and emissions that's right it's time for corrections emissions about the episode strip tease we set a lot of shit was it right was it wrong did you see something that we missed you post all of your amazing comments on our message boards and i love reading our message boards we have the best listeners i have to say i don't say it enough you all are great you all are great i love that you listen to the show it means the world to me and i get even choked up about it honestly because without you we're nothing and so i really appreciate you all getting in chiming in and having these discussions so that's my sincere thank you to all of you let's get into it gremlin rights i think part of the reason burt reynolds did this movie for scale was because his career is at a real low point he went from being one of the biggest movie stars in the country to mostly failed sitcoms for evening shade which was great and cameos his last kind of successful movie was cop and a half and it can seem lobbying to get into what was probably built as sexy crime three starring probably the biggest actress of the day so that you know it does make sense i believe a year later boogie nights came out so maybe he should've just waited a second more but you know what this movie i believe when it came out i remember hearing it was going to be the new hot movie but there wasn't internet to the degree that there is now so i feel like there was no stink on it and till it came out smick rights fun fact about breast implants the two to here we go there's a kind of breast implant known as the china two thousand named after the late former wbz wrestler the only female ww intercontinental champion china they were custommade breast implants for larger frame women like female bodybuilders in pro wrestlers but more importantly they're are more durable than regular implants because the it's they would take china to get the may because she burst whenever implants during a match so they go how did this get made about breast augmentation was made wow that was amazing great fact there about these special china implants funny story about china when on best week ever she wants tackled me to floor as part of the bit and i wonder which ones i were was tackled with i don't know she was a lovely man being enter dogwood super cute and that was the day that i met june as a matter of fact china and june are always connected to my mind because i shot that bit and one of my first date with june okay five pocket rights at the video store were stuart pankin slaps his nephew in the back of the neck which was already injured you can see posters of honeymoon in vegas and it could happen to you in the background these films are also directed by andrew bergman who made striptease ooh good is good is on u triple lindy writes a couple of quick missions by the way one about the site bug at do you think that striptease would be up on that wall now if he made another movie who knows triple indy writes a couple of quick emissions number one when detective carseat shows up at errands house she's dancing around and she tells him that she was rehearsing but was actually getting dressed at the time that she showed up that routine would not be very lucrative well i take i take offence at that i think she was rehearsing she was kind of thing and you sung work was she feeling moved by i think that you're being a little harsh there but then she brings up.

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