Karine Jean-Pierre, Who's in Charge of Addressing Baby Food Shortage?


Jim queue up for me careen Jean Pierre here is Joe Biden's new conspiracy theorist press secretary as bad if not worse than Psaki already She was asked this question at The White House yesterday Now remember there are only three options here The White House is totally incompetent was unaware of a baby food crisis The White House was aware and did nothing about it because her incompetent but The White House is aware now And it's really weird that the spokeswoman for The White House has no idea who at The White House is in charge of this crisis and thinks it's kind of funny Here check this out On the formula issue at The White House you mention The White House in the film I mean at The White House I don't know I can find out for you and get you a person who's running point but I don't have a person Spitting in your face now There just spitting in your face Why does she not know Because they're probably isn't anyone

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