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Hoboken or doing some signal upgrades centrality turns your every ten minutes all the ones breaking have alerts whenever they happen I'm Russ Meyer on ten ten wins now the ten ten wins accu weather for day forecast here's meteorologist Dave hours or we have just sunshine in a cold breeze the rest of the afternoon it's going to be quite cold tonight clear skies light winds temperatures in the upper teens in outlying areas twenty six in midtown they will start to warm things up a little bit turns into a pretty nice day tomorrow partly sunny with a high of forty four that a well into the fifties Monday but also rain off and on all day long that'll actually continue right on through Tuesday but we do have sixty degrees both front goes through Tuesday night so Wednesday were back into the very chilly here once again the highly near forty despite some sunshine and looks like Thursday we could have afternoon temperatures only near freezing right now thirty eight partly sunny in Central Park and going down to twenty six of midtown tonight I'll be the role of the state of ours on new York's weather station tethered wins it's thirty nine degrees in Hackensack it's thirty nine on Staten Island and is thirty five in Sussex lots of questions about the police response to a deadly hostage standoff in Florida this week that story one minute winds news time two thirty three buckle up his metro is bringing you the best deal in wireless switch to metro and get your choice of two awesome free phones from top brands like Samsung LG with huge HD screens and tons of memory for all your pics and videos so hurry in the metro and get your awesome free phones only at metro plus sales tax an activation fee requires ported of eligible number not currently active on T. mobile network active on veteran past ninety days limit four per account for household restrictions apply see store for details and terms and conditions combining home and auto with State Farm gets you a whole lot covered for less but the State Farm radio ad gets you this jam coverage for free for more coverage dot com when is this time to thirty four after two suspects in a Florida jewelry robbery led police on a high speed chase that ended with a deadly shootout family members of the victims are asking why police opened fire corresponded bigger quinto has more from coral gables twenty seven year old Frank or don't yes was covering another U. P. S. driver's route Thursday afternoon when Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome hill hi Jack or don't use this truck and took him hostage in the end four people were dead the two suspects seventy year old Richard cultural he was in his car nearby and or Joan yes for donations stepfather believes officers mishandled the situation and are responsible for his death it's unclear if the two were killed by the suspects or by police fire a man from alma who was working as a security guard at suing aka high school in floral park is now facing sexual abuse charges Bassil County police say twenty two year old Daniel Venezuela was arrested at his home Thursday and charged with two criminal sex acts involving a fifteen year old student at the school detectives say he assaulted the girl numerous times between June and October and they want to know about any other students who may have been attacked they urge other victims to call the local crime stoppers hotline at one eight hundred two four four T. I. P. S. upstart workout bike.

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