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But Nick let me ask you this. I think something like that could give a guy like Carson Wentz a bit of a complex. There's a statue of the guy that basically went in there when he was injured. Won a super bowl outside the stadium. There Doug Peterson has to come out and be like your guy. You're the man you're the franchise but we drafted another quarterback. I don't know between that and what happened with Nick foles guy like Carson Wentz and get a little bit of a complex. Maybe that affects him. Going into the season will if it affects him that he's not the Guy. I think he is like this. Is I put this in the same bucket as the media distraction. I mean the idea that these pro athletes are so emotionally and mentally fragile. That anything that upsets the HOMEO- STASIS. They're not they're not going to be able to handle. I just reject as certainly not for the guys who I think can be league. Mvp caliber talents such as Carson Wentz. And I just think this is being viewed through the wrong prism now. I was skeptical on. Jalen hurts as an everyday starting quarterback in this league and I still am which is why I think Philly is such a great spot for him. They have solidified young under contract franchise quarterback and they will use Jalen in other ways and then he can be break glass in case of emergency in case Carson gets hurt. And I I'm going to have a gratuitous namedrop here I apologize but I talked to Wayne. Who is who.

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