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A strike for home care workers in ferguson i'm michael kowloon alongside debby monterey we'll check traffic and weather together coming up at six ten and st charles county police are questioning a person of interest in wednesday's shooting that left a francis how high school teacher hurt kmox his kevin coline has more police spokesperson val joyner tells kmox news the man was arrested after the police helicopter spotted something from the air and be too finicky upi shooting incident and let me say hey we need to take another look at this area and when we went down in looked at the area we didn't find anything indicate any person impotent however persons of interest with located in that area joyner says no gone has been recovered or in the person of interest has no known connects into the victim police say the shooting appears to have been random the victim has been released from hospital kevin cooling newsradio eleven twenty kmox christian care homeworkers say they will walk off the job at six thirty this morning came alexis brian feldman as at the home on chambers road with the latest debbie there are actually some workers that are already outside tearing and having signs and talking to everybody in distributing coffee because it is a very cold morning out here they say that they are going to go on strike due to the facilities unfair labor practices and unjust contract offer a just spoke to one woman a short time ago and she says that they are the backbone of this organisation here christian care home and they don't understand why that they are beating being treated so unfairly when it comes to staffing changes owl or joining failing to answer grievances failing to cancelling scheduling bargaining meetings there's a lot of issues going on that they say they believe a strike which is very scary they believe will end up making things better in the long run will have much more coming up later on on total information i am reporting live brian feldman newsradio eleven twenty kmox another effort by missouri's governor to oust.

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