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One positive performance aside, Kyle US me last week this Guy Talk to you gentlemen I'm not GonNa talk to Kyle Guy Kyle asked me last week. Did you see the bengals play? A cover, the eagles, the eagles played the bengals and he was he was asking me about Joe burrowed. So let me turn back to kyle now kyle. Did you see Sunday night football. I was sleep I did not see what? I did not I would not even sure who played. So you'RE GONNA have to film in place. So Nick mullins come on down. You're the next contestant on. Do you have a quarterback or maybe do you have a backup quarterback Kyle I spent all week singing mullins praises on the BGN feed and look I still think he's more than a serviceable. Spot starter he was pressured on fifty eight point four percent of his dropbacks a league-high for week four he wilted under that pressure BIS clean throws early to in the game. So he is not like it was it wasn't all on the offensive line he would get benched for CJ Beathard who immediately marched down the field for a touchdown drive. Thanks to. Some soft coverage from the defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz of changing up for the detriment of his defense So you cover the forty niners lean on new for this kyle. What happened with mullins on Sunday night in there l. to the eagles the one area where the Ford is we're GONNA lose this game was if mullins was under pressure and he come. To. That pressure and if the bright lights were just too big for him and both of those things happen. So the very to first throes of the game mullins has just a giant window to hit on a slant misses him on the next play. Shannon draws a player action pass where the fullback comes clean on a will route leak rate design great design. The linebacker trying to guard you check on the play follows down. so He's wide open and it's him and two defenders who are probably twenty yards down the field guarding. That's it. So at the very worst, this plays going for fifty yards and mullins airmails it. So from then like when you miss those throws as a player, your confidence goes down the drain immediately. When? I'm keeping track of these Games which was completely my did a chart and nobody else's on this podcast. MULLINS MOEN's was on target for fourteen of grows, but he was off target for. His throws how that doesn't happen quarterbacks in the NFL. Do not miss that much but he was missing berry poorly, very bad. He's making some terrible terrible decisions and even worse he was like cement blocks for fi like he wasn't moving at all and he took some sacks that he just had no business taking Williams got a bad rap and some of the plays. If you just watch them back, they weren't really on trillions because if A. quarterback takes one step up one step to the right one step to the seriously any baby step anywhere you don't get sacked, but it was probably one of the worst games that you'll see from a quarterback but he was he's a backup and he played like a backup but I think you do have to give the Philadelphia Eagles some credit upfront because they I mean, they came after him they aggressive and they did a good job rattling. Him Nick mullins got sacked one in every four times he got pressured. That's how bad is pocket presence was I just looked at start up for you right there. Kyle that lets you know that a quarterback is not managing the pocket very well at all and the eagles can be hurt by running quarterbacks and mullins was definitely not running quarterback and when when we previewed him on the QB factory bgn marks Scofield, kind of couched his take. In the fact that if they're able to get constant pressure on them that Nick Mullins is GonNa is GonNa fold like a lawn chair. So I mean that's exactly what happened. I still think mullins is actually a decent quarterback but like you're seeing why he's not an green starter, you saw why the forty niners didn't WanNa take trade offers for him against the giants. It's it's a double edged sword with Mullen. So that's.

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