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The they can't do what they did with all that isolation we saw how that ward their players now they can't do that and losing a reza and losing bob muti those things matter like those things at the fringes with the kind of team they put together those things are going to matter and now they are slipping in the west de'andre jordan went to the mavs that was weird gate us what i got that was weird there's nothing really to add their the the maps disarray relevant yeah like that's but the fact that he showed like after what happened the last time and considering the agent that was behind all of that at the time you know he's no longer with us because there's a lot of question at the time that his agent head work worked deal out for him to go indiana was kind of a passenger on this but the agent isn't here to do anything with like it's not even just now tom was for the clippers and mark cuban after audits maggie talk was willing to let it ride and now he's there oh by the way jail to parsons dude that was so mad at the dre jordan for not being there not only does not play air he's in memphis stealing money from people like mark cuban after all send wish he hadn't signed channel pauses in the first place it has by the way gave you would think the by now we'd be done talking about kyrie abroad right you'd think that'd be over all right guys this is great i found out about this after i got to play from portugal found out that there was a cavs be writers did a david minimum joe vardon jason lord of the law here we go who they did a fascinating discussion about the lebron kyri situation and it's like where to begin the first place to begin and there's a reason why i bring this up because i think this ties into the thing with the lakers lebron whatever's going to ultimately happened right there what we learn about kyri in his decision to leave the cavs in the way that things went not just the end of the time in cleveland with lebron but those three years into tallahassee some guys really just want to be the best player on the team like there's a certain joy in fun i imagine that comes from being the best player on the team you just want to be the star on the team and so with the cavs we kyri when kyri sign that extension to play for the cat look man the cavs are awful when he signed that extend the first extension they were awful awful in everybody looked to be miserable gave remember that was the year that they had to room or the waiters gone upside curry's head you remember that one of many dion waiters rumors yes but they it was a miserable time to be there but carry sign that extension happily you know why car was about to be the star of the team they go pay me like on the star of the team i want to be the franchise player on the team and then they went and got lebron and everybody else's like yo we bout to win and kyrie's like we might win but i won't he wanted to be the best player on the team now never mind the fact i feel pretty confident saying that there's been no loss for carvey whatsoever the time that he's been playing for the play with a abroad jane he is more famous because of the time that he spent playing with lebron james a product out more money in his pocket from being more visible and for being more famous he is now accomplished in a way.

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