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A good area to land in after a set experience, then how can you make sure or try and fight against the inevitable self righteousness? Well, I don't. I don't think it's inevitable. I think it can just be an experience that inspires you and imbue you with wonder going forward. You know, in the same way that looking at the night sky or looking at the ocean or looking at a mountain range you don't come out of that experience saying oh, I know a profound truth that I'm going to share with you now. But you did experience something profound. You did experience something that measurably improved the way that you feel. And I think that that's enough. You know, a deep felt sense of that is enough, and it is inspiring. And I come away from those experiences thinking, I've experienced a brush with something too big for me to put a name on and words around in any way that will do it justice and I may talk about it, but that doesn't put me anywhere new, hierarchically. Like, perhaps I have unlocked some new perspective or level of understanding, perhaps it's just solely a subjective thing. But I think just having experienced the thing can be enough a lot of the time. So and we're snooping real deep here into the nuances of this stuff and the human mind and whatever. So after you have one of those experiences, the sweetness that is carried, that kind of effervescent sweetness of one of those experiences that moves forward through time with you after you have some type of transcendent moment of experience. Could even be looking at a mountain range, whatever. In the mass of the human mind, it is difficult and rare for one not to somehow. In a very nuanced way, feel that they know something and they have insight into something that others don't. And it doesn't even come out necessarily and again, we're getting really into nuance here. It doesn't come out necessarily in a proselytizing type of way or something like that. But even the error.

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