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You know, You know what they got out. They got out, you know? Oh, yeah. Long time. Oh, man. Yeah. Change ups and split started coming. Uh huh. It got really weird If you're sitting in and turn your head for all of those e mean, I don't want to sound like the Oh, I know I do. I sound like the old man on the lawn and all that stuff, but I do Sometimes when I'm reading about baseball now it's not as enjoyable just as a reader like to read about ball when it starts to get into I was terrified of math in high school. I really woz. I'm not kidding. Glowing and you know if I was the only senior In high school. That was an eligible one. Everybody else's like freshmen and sophomores, all e. For the life of me. I could not put and then when they put Numbers and letters together. Oh, yes. Forget about it. Wait, wait. These air separate. There's a number and a letter What I was doing together after this. They would shriek and number and put that out in the corner like a fucking number up in the in the upper, right? Right? Yeah, this is, you know, The massing, you know, so like Reading directions. I remember when we were first married, I bought my wife's a bike out to put together. Oh, boy in the garage. Oh, you know, And then I finished, said she said, Hey, it's out in the ground. It looks good. And, uh, you know, I mean, that's great. Thanks. What is that? I said, Well, that's a little pile of Things that I couldn't figure out how to put on the bike. Right. That zest, honey, the bike looks good. Just don't get on it. Don't write it. You never You never wrote it, of course. It's dated the corner of the garage. Well, the word forever. Well, the wheels might have gone flying off if somebody wrote it. So that's my what was my brain waves and I got one kid. That's exactly like that. And I got another kid that could put that thing together in two seconds, man. See, they're all different. Never to blue. The apples are gonna fall for this. Well, I'm with you. And you know, we just could only talked all the way we know it. But man, Alex would sounds like far Hunt's kind of guy. It sounds like those two guys air They're gonna talk metrics all day and hey, if he gets him, you know, get some outs and winds. So be it so Well, that's the deal, and it'll be really fun to see him pitch as a giant. Now the other one is the big news Skyping. That's the pack. He seems like the past few months. Every time we talk to you and Mike, we're talking about a legend passing It's so many, And here we go with Don Sutton Hoo. You know, wasn't even that old I believe seven. Was it 75? I believe he passed away. That's far too young and I got to think we have a great listener. John Platz, you know, does Stanford radio and he does all the research says you faced him once Chi p Had he had that He had bad in 82. You pinch hit for rich Galen faced him. Do you remember that actually. I don't and I had to look this morning. Uh, to see if I had faces because I don't. I don't remember. And I don't think I walked you. Did you do what? You grind it out of walk so well done. I don't remember it, though. But you know what he was with. He was with the Astros with you. He was He was an astro. Uh, you know, Uh, after the 19. Any season, where he was with the Dodgers food more than 10 years at that point It was Houston Milwaukee. Oakland. The Angels in the end after the Dodgers, But the thing that amazing was Out of all the years that he pitched. 20 or 21 of those years to pitch over 200 innings. One of those years that he didn't was the strike you needing one, so he even he would have pitched. Literally 200 innings every year, and he never This is a big word capitalized. Never was injured about that. Yeah, that's awesome. I mean, it's that age old argument about you know why? Why don't they let these pictures today do that? I don't know. You know, they have their answers. They have their reasons. They have their binders. And then here's Don Sutton standing over here. Yeah, well, I think a fix some of that. Is it certain through? 97 9800 miles an hour like a lot of guys do now he would not have lasted 10 years. That's the problem of throwing hard eventually, unless you Nolan Ryan eventually it's gonna happen. It's just gonna happen. So the fact that I mean you look at some of these does Like Negro and sudden, and they didn't throw hard. They're through hard enough. The wind, and they just knew how to pitch and we're responsible. Hmm. We're just looking at What we call the freaks of nature. No, with guys blows so hard, so, John, but it can't be a freaking ancient abacus. Every open has six guys that throw over $97 an hour. But trouble does is every broken is gonna have one of two guys that are gonna go down. You're absolutely right. Great. Great points. It is. It is the velocity. Is it too hard to hit now is hitting too hard now is that No. You know what does it take it? No Cheating. Heart knows he's the guy that's got the 97. 98 Mile an hour fastball. Desmond. He's also got the 91 night. I change Is that when it leaves us here You're thinking it comes. You know, I'm gonna be all with And it doesn't It does. It disappears. It's you know, you're left handed hitter. It's a change of blown away and you inevitably end up swinging at it. Because in your problems you got to catch up to 97. But now you gotta slow things down. He hit 91. It's not the fastball that that does have trouble with. It's if you got other secondary pitches that you can pitch off the fastball. Might says it all the tone. The visitors not impressed with 97 or maybe 89 hour fastballs. They're not Uh uh. What? We are impressed with the other stuff that the guy get Scott to go along with it. It's bonkers, and I had read, you know, we asked this to Mike yesterday. About Theo Epstein joining the major League Baseball front office and just on paper. It sounds good to me. I think Theo's a smart guy, and he made those quotes about. We need to make baseball more action packed it entertaining, and he was basically saying the three true outcomes strike out walking home or is not The best brand of baseball for the fan. Did you take note of him going into the office? And, you know, we even talked about him as a possible commissioner? You know, um Did you have any thoughts on that? Knowledge, you know, it's like you feel good position to use his knowledge. Try to get those faults. Act a little bit of what he gave away. And, uh and, you know, maybe that's the bunt. Maybe it's to steal. Uh, you know things like that that we also in love with Uh, you know, The wood Brett Butler used to do once again distracted Bun is way on for hit. I'm trying to think of anybody that tried to bunt for it to the Giants. I think, your friend she tried it once or twice. You don't get it to mess with the shift, but that's about it. And in Dubai When we go nto the ballpark really do bond is usually one of the guys they understand that will come out early, and that's why little do that fun. What you know for us, It's like, Look at that. It's awesome. So maybe that's what Epstein thinking a little bit of that. That kind of game and you know, not have That picture. In the biggest game of the year. Get taken out in whatever gene was here..

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