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Colorado and Aspen Man is recovering from an apparent bear attack at his home. Dave says he heard some noises coming from his kitchen and went to investigate, finding himself face to face with a giant bear. While trying to get the bear outside of his home. He says the bear became startled by the automatic garage door and that the bear swiped him in the face, leaving him with claw marks. Along his jaw, cheek and ear. Dave says that he believe that bear was just hungry and looking for food. And I wouldn't even call it a bear attack. And then I was T was just looking for food and Was able to get in. However, after that encounter, officials tracked down and euthanized the bear. It's wanna wait over not a Bloomberg business and their ever beat too much chocolate. Before covert 19 there was a global shortage now, due in part to the slump and travel, the deficit has turned to surplus, according to Bloomberg reporter Marvin Perez, vocally demanding being her and many faces in particular in the airport, duty free shops and on cruises, where you typically get outta trouble replacing appear at night is not happening. Harris says. The postponement and cancellation of events such as weddings has also reduced demand. Partially offsetting those declines has been an increase in in home. Chocolate demands were baking more home. They're making more chocolate cakes at home, and I have helped some Goldman is my Hershey navigate the situation. But chocolate prices are not falling, Perez says some major cocoa producing nations of raising prices to boost farmers incomes, and that's forced chocolate makers to swallow a bitter pill. Paying more for their key ingredient while being unable to charge consumers more. I'm Larry Coffee. Bloomberg Business on W. Visi Boston's museum status opening.

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